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Mattie Riordan
County Co. Dublin

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Chimney cleaning €50.

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If the fire is used most winter nights then once a year is enough or perhaps mainly weekends during winter you may stretch it to 2 years to clean your chimney. But best every year to ensure clear chimneys. This is performed with a flue brush, chimney rods fireplace screen and a vacuum plugged into the screen for a very clean job. Bird nests are removed in the same way except the flue brush is exchanged for metal hooks and a worm attachment.

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Burning any fuel, coal, briquettes, logs, turf, gas or oil will all produce carbon monoxide which is quite lethal and if you have a blocked flue you could be at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning. In cases of solid fuel it is less likely to affect you as the fire will fill the room with smoke if the flue is blocked prompting you to put it out. Kerosene and more so gas appliances will keep working if the flue wasn't blocked. A carbon monoxide alarm in the room where the gas appliance is, is a good idea and could be a life saver.

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