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Mpc Developments Limited

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Mark Finnane
165A Greyturner House
Duncane Road
East Achan
W12 0AU
England Uk

About Mpc Developments Limited

URspace Buildings, a subsidiary of MP&C Developments Ltd, are a global solutions provider in the provision of low cost Steel-Frame-Modular-Structures, manufacturing Low-Cost-Permanent-Housing, Commercial Structures, Warehousing, Logistical Units and Industrial Parks.

URspace Structures are manufactured and supplied to allow for manual assembly in the most difficult environments and terrains, not requiring heavy lifting equipment.
URspace Buildings provide end-to-end solutions from initial concept through in-house production of prototypes, mass production with on-site Project Management and assembly along with local turnkey solutions.

Low Cost Permanent housing with Detached/semi Detached/Clustered/Support Shelters / centres/Commercial Units/Industrial parks/warehousing units/schools/support facilities.....

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The unit is built with the URspace modular structure.

It is finished with;

Roof: Galvanised steel tile effect roof.

External Walls: Galvanised steel box corrugated both inner and outer weatherproof render.

Fittings: PVC Doors & Louvre Windows.

Traditional layout's and design style's commissioned and in production for worker accommodation, food halls and co-ordination centres worldwide.
URspace modular systems are constructed using galvanised cold rolled certified steel.

SkyBeam consists of 220mm series and 300mm series beams which facilitate all building sizes and designs.

Mpc Developments Limited ImageMpc Developments Limited Image

URspace Buildings can provide training to the local labour force from the immediate community. These units are designed to cater for future expansion where necessary and easily dis-assembled for relocation where required.

At URspace Buildings each of our designs are carefully and professionally developed using the worlds No.1 structural analysis and design software, supporting all major international codes.
Software that defines each component to exacting/precise specifications thus reducing product waste and ensuring our environmental policies is exceeded.
Existing off-the-shelf modular designs can be taken and adjusted accordingly and quickly to meet urgent needs or alternatively new concepts can go through the custom design process.

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The Design
The design process/client consultation takes into consideration the many factors including the practicalities for erecting the finished structures including the various geographical locations, terrains and climates.

Once designs are completed they are given to production for prototyping or mass production, dependant upon client requirements.
At URspace Buildings we have a standard process of engagement that ensures a timely delivery to your needs.

We immediately engage with you to interpret the urgency of your demands whether it is crisis, disaster or long term planning demands.
Depending on the demands you can ;

1. Choose from a range of existing designs.

2. Define your concept covering:
Geographical Considerations
Custom Developments / Cluster Developments
Detached & Semi-Detached Housing
Support Buildings

3. Design the brief:
Budget Constraints
Internal Rooms

Utility Requirements:
Off Grid Solar Supply
Internal/External Cluster
Standard Supply
Water Catchment
Sockets & Fixtures
Internal / External Finishes
Galvanised Cladding Types, Single Skin, Insulated
Finishes in Stone, Brick or Timber
Traditional Internal / External Finishes
Slabs, Composites, Plaster
Climatic & Geographical Considerations

4. Model the Brief / Complete Designs
Issue Drawings
Provide Logistical Support / Solutions
Provide Project Management Support
Develop Partnership
Review & Agree Costs

5. Implement
Better building performance – Factory production in a quality controlled environment means buildings are manufactured to a very accurate tolerance. Test experience has demonstrated that factory produced building techniques perform up to 70% better than traditional building methods. This means exceptional energy efficiency performance, reduced carbon emissions and lower life time running costs.
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