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Brian Cunningham
53 St Oliver Plunkett Park
County County Armagh
BT35 7JF

About Energyfirst N.I

Domestic & Commercial Energy Performance Certificates Explained
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a certificate which demonstrates the energy rating of a building. It forms part of the 'Energy Performance of Buildings Directive' (EPBD) which the Government is currently implementing in England and Wales.

Energy Saving Tips
Here are some Energy Saving Tips that will improve your home's rating in your Energy Performance Certificate:
  • Install Low Energy lightbulbs. These are 80% more efficient than standard bulbs but still provide the same amount of light.
  • Make sure you have at least 250mm loft insulation, this could save you £100 per year on your heating bill.
  • Having your wall cavities pumped with insulation could reduce your heating bill by £120 per year.
  • If you apply a 160mm thick insulation jacket on your Hot Water Cylinder it could pay for itself in savings within 6 months.

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Improving a Building's Thermal Performance can prove cost effective
With rising energy costs, improving a building's thermal performance can often be the most cost effective option to save money, and is often a prerequisite to obtaining funding to install renewable energy technology.

Preparation for Survey
  1. Heat your house or building to its normal operating temperature.
 A temperature difference (internal to external) of at least 10 degrees C is required to allow the survey to go ahead
  2. Close all vents and windows
  3. Leave all curtains and blinds open. We will usually schedule your survey for times of the day when the sun has a minimal heating effect on the house. This often means that our surveys are conducted in the evening or early morning, or on cloudy days.

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Testing the Air Leakage of a Building
Testing the air leakage of a building is done by means of an Air Tightness Tests. 
Leakages are located by means of smoke tests and thermal imaging. An airtight building is comfortable without invisible draughts.

Air Tight Benefits
  • An airtight building is comfortable without invisible draughts.
  • An airtight building will have a minimum risks of condensation in the external walls and thus preventing:
  • Damp walls and reduced insulating performance
  • Structural damage
  • Rot
  • Health risks caused by growth of mould and fungus.
  • nergyfirst can conduct Air Tightness Tests on residential and small commercial premises.

EnergyFirst NI is an independent energy services company
We provide impartial advice to owners of residential, commercial and public properties. We help make properties more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries you have.

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