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Alternative Heating and Cooling Ltd

Alternative Heating and Cooling Ltd Contact Details

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Mike Cotter
Unit 3 IDA Industrial Estate
Baltimore Road
County Cork
Cork Ireland

About Alternative Heating and Cooling Ltd

With Water Furnace Heating and Cooling Equipment

Just a few feet from you is one of the world's most environmentally friendly and efficient energy sources.

In this time of rising energy costs and heightened environmental responsibility, geothermal energy is receiving greater public, commercial, and governmental acceptance than ever before.

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Why Geothermal?

Earth energy heat pumping could become a crucial component of a cost-effective national strategy for reducing C02 and other polluting emissions associated with burning fossil fuels. Where cheap natural gas is not available, earth energy technology can confer enormous environmental benefits and be very cost-effective.

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Geothermal Systems Offer You Numerous Benefits
  • Economical - provides operating cost savings of 30 percent to 60 percent

  • Earth Friendly - uses the renewable thermal energy of the earth

  • Comfortable - maintains an even temperature and humidity level throughout your home

  • Safe - no open flames, no fumes, no soot

  • Flexible - one single unit handles heating, cooling, and water heating

  • Dependable - contains few moving parts and no outdoor equipment, requiring little or no maintenance

  • Value - increases the value of your home along with decreasing your heating and cooling bill; generally produces higher cash flow

  • Efficiency - as much as four times as efficient as conventional systems

  • Investing in a heat pump is good for you & our environment.

    • How does it work?

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Alternative Heating and Cooling Ltd Serves The Following Areas

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