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Heat Trace Limited (Trace Heating Specialists)

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About Heat Trace Limited (Trace Heating Specialists)

Heat Trace Limited (HTL) is an innovative British manufacturer of electric heat tracing cables and associated equipment. HTL are considered to be the technological leader in heat tracing systems. With three UK manufacturing plants and with representation in over 50 countries, HTL can provide a comprehensive range of self-regulating and constant power output heating cables. HTL is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company. We offer full turnkey project capability, specialising in the Manufacture, Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Electric Heat Tracing Systems.

Heat Trace Limited’s products are approved and certified for use in hazardous areas according to international standards including ATEX, IECEx, CSA, FM, EAC (Russian Customs Union), CNEX (China), DNV-GL (offshore) and Japanese.

Our comprehensive range of trace heating cables means we can meet all trace heating requirements. With an emphasis on technological innovation, our cables offer the longest circuit lengths; the highest power outputs and the highest withstand temperatures available on the market.


Frost Protection:

The Freezstop Micro system was developed for use on almost all pipes, preventing hot and cold water pipes from freezing, fuel oil lines and pipes containing other fluids and chemicals from clogging or crystallising.

Roof and Gutter De-icing:

HTL’s solution for snow build up on a roof or gutters and drainpipes freezing is G-Trace. The self-regulating characteristics of the cable means it can adjust its heat output in accordance with the temperature. The G-Trace system is easy to design and install, with the cable laid along the gutters and in drainpipes to keep water flowing freely.

Snow and Ice Prevention:

Snow build-up or ice formation on vehicle access ramps and roadways, pedestrian access ramps and pathways can present a hazard for both vehicles and pedestrians alike, preventing safe access or exit, particularly in an emergency. HTL’s SNOWMELT offers a low cost, automatic and environmentally friendly solution, preventing ice formation and melting snowfall.

Long Distance Pipe Lines:

The majority of heat trace installations exist within the piping from a Refinery to a Thermal Power Station and within the boundaries of the Station itself; associated with on-shore, occasionally off-shore, crude oil production facilities; as part of the larger district heating schemes and within heavy fuel oil storage facilities.

Low resistance conductors, 3 phase star connected produce long circuits. Conductor sizes and applied voltage are adjusted to provide the required length and output. Compared with round conductors, flat foils are outstandingly thermally efficient due to their large surface area and they are much more flexible.

Heat Trace developed its LONGLINE heating system for this application where the importance is often to be able to heat the pipeline from a single electrical supply, or supplies at pipe ends only. The LONGLINE 3 phase system is capable of single circuits of upto a few kilometres, and is a highly efficient system of proven reliability over many years.

Cross-country pipes are often used to transport oils and other fluids cost effectively. These long distance pipelines sometimes require even greater heating circuit lengths, with the provision of power supplies often having the greatest expense.

For these very long pipelines, Heat Trace has introduced SKIN-TRACE, a heating system for ultra long distance pipelines. The system comprises basic components of an insulated cable contained within an envelope, fed from a power supply and having a control system.

Tanks and Vessels:

Heat tracing is applied to tanks and vessels to ensure that products are stored at the correct temperature. Usually the system is designed to compensate for losses through the thermal insulation although there are some cases where there is a positive heat input to raise the temperature of the vessel under defined conditions. The thermal insulation is the first line of defence against unknown, and often unquantifiable, losses from a bare surface.

Our products can be used for many applications. For more information please contact us at

Our Products:

  • Self-Regulating Heating Cables
  • Constant Wattage Heating Cables
  • Series Resistance Heating Cables

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5 star review
May 04, 2020
We have been really happy with the quality of the jobs performed on our site. The Heat Trace Limited team have been quick to deliver what we needed and have delivered to a high standard.
Testimonial by
Dominic Tsang
Heat Trace Limited (Trace Heating Specialists). 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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