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About Heat Trace Limited (Trace Heating Specialists)

Heat Trace Limited (HTL) is an innovative British manufacturer of electric heat tracing cables and associated equipment. HTL are considered to be the technological leader in heat tracing systems. With two UK manufacturing plants and with representation in over 50 countries, HTL can provide a comprehensive range of self-regulating and constant power output heating cables. HTL is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company. We offer full turnkey project capability, specialising in the Manufacture, Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Electric Heat Tracing Systems.


Hot Water Temperature Maintenance:

Modern living dictates that buildings shall have instantaneously available hot water. There is often a delay before hot water reaches the outlet, especially when it is travelling a long distance. This delay is both frustrating and costly. Our HOTWAT single pipe temperature maintenance system is the solution. It can be fitted to a single hot water supply pipe to maintain the water temperature by compensating for heat losses under no-flow conditions, enabling hot water to be available at each outlet instantaneously. Therefore, dramatically improving the system efficiency, whilst reducing power consumption and water wastage, as well as preventing Legionella.

Frost Protection:

Low temperatures can cause pipes to freeze, with costly consequences. Frozen water pipes are at risk of bursting, which can result in loss of supply, flooding and damage. Frozen fuel lines can block, leading to heater failure. Freezstop Micro from HTL eliminates these problems safely and efficiently. The Freezstop Micro system was developed for use on almost all pipes, preventing hot and cold water pipes from freezing, fuel oil lines and pipes containing other fluids and chemicals from clogging or crystallising. Freezstop Micro is a self-regulating heating cable especially developed for this application. The self-regulating cable generates progressively more heat as the pipe cools down, and less heat as the temperature rises. The cable is energy efficient and can never overheat or burnout –even when overlapped.

Roof and Gutter De-icing:

Snow built up on a roof will eventually begin to melt, as a result of either exposure to the sun, or from heat rising from the building below. As the melted snow runs from the roof into cold gutters and drainpipes it can re-freeze, forming layers of ice that can continue to build up until the flow is blocked. This can result in damaged drains and gutters. In addition, water can leak from the roof of a building, causing expensive structural damage. HTL’s solution is G-Trace. The self-regulating characteristics of the cable means it can adjust its heat output in accordance with the temperature. The G-Trace system is easy to design and install, with the cable laid along the gutters and in drainpipes to keep water flowing freely.

Snow and Ice Prevention:

Snow build-up or ice formation on vehicle access ramps and roadways, pedestrian access ramps and pathways can present a hazard for both vehicles and pedestrians alike, preventing safe access or exit, particularly in an emergency. HTL’s SNOWMELT offers a low cost, automatic and environmentally friendly solution, preventing ice formation and melting snowfall.

Oil Tank Heating:

Central heating fuel storage facilities may be located in unheated areas. This can cause problems in waxing or coagulation of the fuel, resulting in clogged filters,plugged fuel lines and pumping difficulties, with subsequent heating system failure. INTANK from HTL is an effective and reliable method of freeze protecting fuel oil storage tanks and associated pipe work. This ensures continuous trouble free operation and increased performance of the heating system.

Our products can be used for many applications, for more information please contact us at

Our Products:

  • Self-Regulating Heating Cables
  • Constant Wattage Heating Cables
  • Series Resistance Heating Cables


Products & Services

Pipeline heating

Rail heating

Pipe heating

Ramp heating

Self-regulating trace heating

Gutter frost protection

Gutter de-icing

Gutter heating

Temperature maintenance

Trace heating

Process temperature maintenance

Frost protection

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