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John Clissett
PO Box 5581
County Staffordshire
England UK

About Mawera UK Ltd

Mawera – The UK’s Biomass and Wood Combustion System Experts

Since 1975, Mawera have been developing and installing biomass energy and wood combustion systems to the highest standards. That means real innovation when it comes to installation, project management and dedicated support from experienced biomass professionals and technicians.

Working to highest standards across all fields of research, planning, production and maintenance, Mawera have developed wood combustion systems that are both incredibly efficient and kind to the environment. All Mawera wood combustion equipment is manufactured by highly skilled and experienced personnel, and the plants in which the biomass boilers are manufactured is equipped with only the most up-to-date and modern technology.

Mawera’s professional input is ongoing too – once your biomass combustion system installation is complete they’ll provide professional training that is bespoke to your facility and your system to ensure that it is operated safely and efficiently for years to come. Mawera also provide a tailored maintenance contract to support the long-term optimal operation of your system while minimising downtime and repair costs.


Pyroflex SRT – 850KW up to 13000KW.

Fully automated wood boilers with stepped grate. Uses: combustion of wood chips, residual lumber, bark, wood from the landscape and draw bark.

Safety heat exchanger (integrated in the boiler). Hydraulically powered step grate.

FSB Range
FSB Range 110kW to 1700kW.

Apart from conventional biomass, this flat moving grate is particularly designed to burn wood fuel with a high ash and high moisture content.

Significant advantages of the flat moving grate combustion in the FSB Series are: 1. a wide variety of wood fuel can be used, and 2. lower particulate matter emissions due to an undisturbed fuel bed.

FSR Range
FSR Range – 850kW to 13000kW.

Apart from biomass, the flat moving grate is particularly designed to burn wood fuel with a high ash content and a high share of contaminants, such as sand, glass, scrap metal, etc.

Significant advantages of the flat moving grate combustion Type FSR are: 1. reliable operation due to the heavy-duty design, and 2. low particulate matter with recirculation of five gases and filtration.

FR Range
FR Range – 850kW to 13000KW.

Direct firing system with high-temperature fluidised bed combustion to maximise the energy yield of wood residues from wood processing. The very dry and dust-like fuel is blown through one or more feed pipes into the fully ceramic-lined, highly insulated combustion chamber.

The blowing action combined with the specially-developed combustion chamber geometry ensures optimal burnout of the fuel and the required turbulence and flow characteristics.

Why Biomass Combustion Boilers?
Biomass energy is cleaner energy generated from a low-carbon fuel source that supports and encourages a more sustainable future for us all.

But the benefits don’t end there. Biomass is less prone to severe price fluctuations than those experienced by fossil fuels meaning you get a more economical supply of energy too. Put simply, biomass is great you, your facility and for everybody.

Super Efficient and Clean Biomass/Wood Combustion Systems
Whatever your needs, Mawera have the most innovative biomass boilers to fit the bill, ranging from 850kW up to 13,000kW and suitable for a diverse range of wood fuels.


Mawera UK Ltd General Description

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