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01628 773 363
Erica Hill
1 The Quadrant
Howarth Road
County Berkshire

About Parthos UK Ltd

Parthos has been Europe’s leading manufacturer of movable wall systems since 1968. The creation of space and freedom of design are the two pillars upon which our product range is based. In other words, flexibility in the use of space, thanks to Parthos products forming an integral part of the interior design.

Next to our complete range of movable wall systems, Parthos developed itself as an all-round interior contractor and supplier of components and semi manufactured products for the construction and industrial sector.

Retail chain stores, banks, offices, hotels, conference centres and theatres (MICE-areas), as well as private homes - we cater to every segment of the market all over the world.

Parthos has expert knowledge of the market. Our marketing and R & D departments closely monitor all developments in the building industry and related sectors. After all, the market is constantly changing.

Our innovations are based on this process of development and resulting consumer demands. The solutions arising from this are carefully tested for quality and applicability. Parthos believes in continual sustained development.

The added value of our space solutions is not only reflected in the quality of our end products, but also in the quality of our level of after sales service. The responsibility we feel towards our customers does not end after delivery of a good end product. Even after the successful conclusion of a product, you can always count on us.

When for example a certain space-layout is no longer suitable and needs to be changed, we can often re-optimise by re-arranging the existing elements. This is a good idea, not only with a view to sustainability but also a consideration for your own wallet.

To put it briefly, our responsibility for your optimum use of space does not end after delivery of one of our products. A durable and space-saving solution also means a durable and caring service!

Movable Walls
Parthos manufactures, supplies and installs a wide range of movable wall systems ideal for a variety of applications. The diversity and flexibility of these systems enables architects/designers and end users to create a truly unique environment while utilising the space available.

With our own in-house R&D Department Parthos can be involved from design stage to completion on every project. Our versatility allows us to offer bespoke solutions for individual needs.
  • Movable walls
  • Glass walls
  • Folding walls
  • Glass folding walls
  • Sliding walls
  • Sliding doors

Interior Contracting
As interior contractor we apply our ideas in the field of furnishing and style to contemporary interior concepts. We understand the importance of genuine originality and know, like no other, how to transform your creative ideas into tangible solutions.

This slim wall meets all functional requirements more than sufficiently in spite of its lightweight construction.

The Palace runs very smoothly along its track system by means of ball-bearing trolleys and has practically unlimited stacking possibilities. With a panel thickness of only 80mm, the panels will take up only a small amount of space in parked position. The trolleys used to move the panels are suspended from an aluminum bearer that runs horizontally through the wall. This bearer is attached to vertical aluminum profiles. In this way a durable bearing construction is created that does not place any strain on a single point. Consequently, the Palace 80 is practical and easy to operate.

The most exclusive model in the Palace series is the Transpalace.

The panels have been constructed from a solid aluminum frame, which has been finished with double glazed safety glass. This will retain a room's spacious sense of proportion while taking advantage of high quality Palace features such as high sound insulation values and a beautiful design. The technology has subtly been incorporated within the small frame.



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Movable wall systems

Movable Walls

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Partitions, Cubicles, movable wall systems, sliding wall partitions
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