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Sash Refurbishment

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Craig Finn
22 Ormonde Gardens
County Antrim
Northern Ireland

About Sash Refurbishment

At Sash we offer a unique draft-proofing service and repair service to all sizes and shapes of sash windows in various states of repair.

Sash windows are often perceived to be in much worse condition than they usually are, but windows and sills in need of repair can be restored with epoxy resin wood repair, and areas beyond repair can be replaced with new hardwood to match the original.

Unfunctional sashes can be made fully functional when fitted with our sash-window draught-proofing system, which virtually eliminates draughts, providing you with maximum energy efficiency whilst giving you the freedom to open your sash windows whenever you choose.

Draught Proofing
This is a unique, undetectable brush-pile draught-proofing system designed for sash windows, and it virtually eliminates all draughts whilst also taking away all those annoying rattles, making your home more warm, comfortable and energy efficient.

Each window is dismantled, sashes adjusted, re-aligned and weighted, new sash cords fitted, parting bead removed and replaced with brush-carrying parting bead, which is the same shape and design as original. Both top and bottom sashes are routed to receive brush carriers and brush, and the window is then replaced. Original matching brush -arrying timber-staff bead is then fitted around the window. Existing locks are aligned or replaced, when required.

When draught-proofing system is fully installed, you will have a fully functional sash window, giving you maximum draught protection, when required, which can then be opened on those hot sunny days and nights.

Sash windows are often believed to be beyond repair when this is not the case. Sash can repair most sash window problems with a epoxy resin wood repair, which bonds original timber.

On most occasions, we can carry out repairs on sills using a epoxy resin wood repair, which can be sanded to original sill level. Where the sill is beyond repair, we will replace it with an original matching new hardwood sill. All new wood or wood repairs will be primed.

We can reglaze any cracked, broken or damaged window. Various types of glass available. All sashes are reweighted, if required.

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