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About Scangrit

Scangrit was formed in 1975 to manufacture expendable abrasive from a high-quality source of copper slag. Other abrasives, including Olivine, garnet, aluminium oxide, glass bead, vegetable abrasives, steel and chilled iron were added to the product range and Scangrit rapidly established itself as a leading supplier of blasting abrasives.

Our production plant and main warehouse is located in Immingham and benefits from easy access to the UK motorway network which, together with our regional depots, enables us to offer a rapid and efficient nationwide delivery service which is second to none.

Scangrit is committed to supplying high-quality products and a first-class service and to this end the company operates a Quality System which provides for continued quality improvement and has been awarded third-party certification to ISO 9001:2008.

Technological advances in coating systems and methods of surface preparation as well as changes in safety and environmental legislation impact directly on abrasive choice and selection. It is the policy of Scangrit to be responsive to these changes and to ensure that our product range is capable of satisfying the existing and future demands of the industry through continual product development and innovation.

Right first time, with the right abrasive for the job. In today’s competitive market, there is no room for mistakes. As a quality supplier of abrasives Scangrit provide a wide range of products to meet our customers requirements and as part of our comprehensive service our technical support team is able to offer advice on abrasive selection for your specific application.


Copper Slag
An expendable synthetic mineral abrasive, which is widely favoured for open nozzle blasting applications by virtue of its fast rates. A wide range of grades is available to suit most applications. Custom grades are available upon request to meet your specific application.

A natural mineral abrasive which contains no free silica, ideally suited to the cleaning of brick and masonry. A number of grades are available to suit applications ranging from providing architectural finishes to concrete, to the restoration of the first stonework and sculptures.

A synthetic mineral abrasive in which is ideally suited to applications where a pale coloured abrasive is aesthetically or environmentally more desirable.

Chilled Iron
A very hard recyclable abrasive which breaks down on impact to expose sharp new cutting edges, which promote a rapid cleaning action. It is generally used in closed circuit, air-propelled blasting systems.

High-carbon steel shot and grit are used in closed systems, which employ impeller wheels to propel the abrasive. Steel grit abrasives are available in a range of harnesses to suit all surface treatment applications.

A hard, durable, low-dusting natural mineral abrasive which is capable of achieving high-coverage rates. Coarser grades may be recycled a number of times. Typical applications include blasting of stainless steel and special alloys. Fine grades may be used in jet-cutting applications.

A very hard synthetic mineral abrasive which is generally used in small blast cabinets. It is typically used for cleaning non-ferrous components or providing a profile on stainless steels. Also used for letter engraving on marble, granite and slate. White alumina is used for decorative etching on glass.

Vegetable Abrasives
Natural organic abrasives such as crushed olive stone or dried corn cob have a gentle cleaning action and are suited to applications where metal removal is not permitted, such as turbine blades or die and mould cleaning.

Glass Bead
A very versatile material with a large variety of applications including deburring, deflashing, decarbonising, peening and mould and die cleaning.

In addition to abrasives, Scangrit offers a wide range of blasting equipment, consumables and safety equipment for sale and hire.

Some of the many applications in which abrasives can be used:
  • Drilling rigs and production
  • Ship building and repair
  • Storage Tanks
  • Turbine cleaning
  • Mould and die cleaning
  • Restoration of fine stonework
  • Bridges and flyovers
  • Building cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
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