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Grafo Therm

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The Old Goods Yard
St Johns Road
County Suffolk
IP17 1BE
England UK

About Grafo Therm

Shipping / Storage Container Anti Condensation
Grafo-therm is used in many shipping containers which are mainly used for storage purposes both privately and in self storage centres - throughout the winter months they tend to drip with condensation causing damage to stored goods and has resulted in litigation and insurance claims.

We can quote to spray Grafo-therm onto large quantities of containers using high pressure spray equipment, but for single or small quantities we would advise spraying them yourself using a simple low pressure system - please see self-application section of full details.

For a 6m container you would need 18kg of Grafo-therm per unit.

We supply several container sales companies that spray the container roofs with Grafo-therm prior to sale, please contact us for details of your nearest supplier.

On Site Spraying / In Situ Building Spraying
For existing buildings Grafo-therm can be sprayed in situ - for this we offer a free no obligation site survey service giving advice from over 25 years' experience. For new buildings pre-coated sheeting is available from many profilers, please contact us for details of your nearest supplier.

As used on 1000s of buildings across the UK with 100% success, buildings from domestic garages, cold stores, aircraft hangars, schools, sports facilities to vast warehouses.

Condensation costs millions each year through damage to goods, litigation, accidents and premature corrosion of fixings and purlins - in some cases the roof fixings have failed in only 5-7 years.

All single skin steel or aluminium roofs including insulated systems with a ventilated airspace have the capacity to condense and drip. On some materials condensation produces the ideal conditions for mould growth; to prevent this Grafo-therm incorporates a highly efficient fungicide.

Metal Roofing Anti Condensation Spraying
Roof sheeting pre-sprayed with Grafo-therm for new buildings and re-roofing projects. The most economical method of controlling condensation on single skin roofs for new buildings or re-roofing projects is to have the roof sheeting pre-sprayed at our factory, we work with several of the UK profilers that supply pre-coated sheeting. Please contact us for details of your nearest supplier.

Why specify Grafo-therm?
When Grafo-therm is factory applied onto roof sheeting the side and any end laps are masked from spray, enabling close fitting between the sheeting and allowing for efficient sealing. With fleece/flock type systems the material covers the full length of each sheeting and any end laps should be sealed with a varnish type solution - this is rarely efficient, as can be seen by the algal growth above the end laps on many buildings treated in this way. Some fleece/flock type systems are designed to allow any condensation to exit the building by permeating down the pitch and running out at the end laps and at the eaves - this provides the ideal conditions for corrosion.

Reviews & Testimonials for Grafo Therm

5 star review
November 03, 2018
I have a 20ft container that made condensation 24/7. Brought this product and applied myself...about a 40 minute job. No more condensation. not a drop
Review by
Shaun Doyle
Grafo Therm. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


Grafo Therm General Description

Anti condensation Coating for shipping containers or storage containers, Grafo-Therm
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Grafo Products Ltd
The Old Goods Yard, St Johns Road, Saxmundham, IP17 1BE
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