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Unit A1 The Avenues
Eleventh Avenue North
County Tyne and Wear
NE11 0NJ
England UK

About Eco Refrigerant Al

Why Now, Why Aluminium?

Why Aluminium is the best alternative material for HVAC & R:
  • Stable and low price compared to using copper.
  • Provides excellent metal properties with the advancement of technologies.
  • Have excellent formability characteristics that make it highly suitable for use in HVAC & R.
  • Improves system weight significantly in HVAC & R applications.
  • Improves energy consumption & efficiency since thermal conductivity ratio is lower, hence heat gain & loss is lower.
  • Pure Aluminum lasts longer than other metals when use in an appropriate way.
  • Moreover, Aluminum can be recycled & view as a resource preservation.

Eco Refrigerant Al ImageEco Refrigerant Al Image

Characteristics & Advantages of Aluminium

  • Requires less strength to flare
  • Higher wall thickness (G18) provides better tensile strength
  • Using the same set of tools to flare copper

  • No argon gas, wire spool, gloves, shield or electricity required
  • Special brazing rods allow up to 45-50 joints per rod (50cm rod)
  • Fast, easy & secured joints in 15 seconds
  • No turning of torches or rounding up gaps 4 times faster than brazing copper
  • No additional flux is required
  • Uses the same torch and mapp gas
  • Substantial saving on gas, time and brazing rod due to lower melting point of aluminium
  • Joints are stronger than main material
  • No need for nitrogen purging for oxidisation

  • Requires less strength to bend
  • Light weight & offers better flexibility than copper
  • Does not kink as easily compared to copper
  • Using the same set of bending tools as copper

  • 48 hour salt water test before shipment
  • Corrosion rate is a lot less than copper
  • Oxidisation rate is also lower, making pipes clean and bright when exposed

Swaging or Expanding
  • 30% expansion from original OD
  • Using the same set of swaging tools as copper

Thermal Conductivity
  • Lower than copper by almost 50% which means less rate of condensation
Eco Refrigerant Al Image

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