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Anne Hurl

About Swiss Facades

Swiss Facades are rainscreen fibre cement cladding specialists, providing innovative products and solutions to the construction marketplace. We are the sole distributors on the island of Ireland for Swisspearl® fibre cement composite panels. In addition, we supply framing systems from Systea Germany, including the latest innovative systems certified by Passive Haus to achieve the optimum U-Values.

We are able to assist our clients to achieve efficient and effective solutions, in particular to identify ways to minimise the environmental impact on-site, by reducing waste through our cutting services, material selection and installation process.

What can we do for you?
  • Project Management
    Swiss Facades will project manage each job, working closely with all key people, from manufacturers to installers. We at Swiss Facades will aim to achieve clients’ objectives within cost and time scales.

  • Specifications
    Swiss Facades will assist with NBS specifications, and pre-tender budgets.

  • Estimating Service
    Swiss Facades can provide supply-only prices, calculated from your planned drawings or Bill of Quantities.

  • Optimised Solutions
    Swiss Facades can calculate from plans the amount of panels required for each job. Through our efficiency analysis system, we can identify any potential waste, and, if required, give advice on the layout to increase maximum panel yield.

  • Site Calls
    The Swiss Facades team are on hand to supervise work in progress, with on-site measuring and guidance on installation.

  • Customised Packing
    Pallets come shrink wrapped and can be packed per area, on request, to facilitate ease of use on site.
Cutting Panels (JIT)
Swiss Facades management of panels are seen as a crucial part of the added service we provide. we use a JIT (just-in-time) process. Panels can be ordered and held in stock; this means delivery is within a few weeks from when a cutting list is submitted.

Advantages of this service:
  • Less cutting on site is required;
  • Improving schedule of works through flexibility in cutting time scale for finished projects;
  • Limiting exposure to dust on site, therefore reducing impact on the environment and Health & Safety;
  • Waste management, preventative methods used to reduce waste on-site, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility
Using state of the art computerised beam saws and C.N.Cs, the panels can be cut to a variety of shapes and sizes to your specific requirements. Holes can be drilled at back of panels to facilitate secret mechanical fixed systems.


Carat Range – 27 through-coloured panels
CARAT panels are integrally colored with a transparent or pigmented acrylic top finish shade in shade. The unique natural look and the timeless beauty of the monolithic material with its delicate vein texture provide an exciting and noble expression to every building.

Reflex – 11 Colours
Also with an integrally coloured core, these high-tech panels bare an indescent surface finishing on pure acrylic base. Changing lighting and angle of vision produce fascinating nuances in the colours.

Avera – 9 colours
The dynamic manufacturing process gives Swisspearl® AVERA its incomparable, natural texture. The raw materials are blended in the process, as if in a turbulent river, and thus build the distinct, living surface optics. Swisspearl® AVERA is a genuine expression of this process. Additionally, the resulting variation in texture and colour brings out the authenticity of the mineral material. AVERA opens up surprising new possibilities for highly expressive façade design.

Incora Range – 2 Colours
Swisspearl introduce their latest innovative fibre cement cladding panel with a granulated finish. Incora comes in 2 colours: white and grey. Each panel is individual, through a vivid spreading pattern uniquely balanced of different colours. This process is achieved during the manufacturing process, when the still-moist panels are sprinkled with high-quality granulated marble that gives them a unique and dynamic look.

Nobilis Range – 16 Colours
Nobilis panels are the older range of what was previously know as Pelicolor Panels. A grey base with a coloured top coating. The semi-translucent surface coating on a pure acrylic basis provides the classic fibre cement appeals with much visual depth to the exterior facade.

Texial Range – 5 Colours
Swisspearl's latest range of fibre cement panels has a unique finish. The fine surface structure gives the appearance of a fabric, and is always one of a kind because it is embossed by hand.


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