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Eamonn Grace

About Eirland Renewable Heating

Eirland Renewable Heating use low energy consumption technology systems. The energy you use can be metered so that you know exactly what it is costing you. It’s time to move away from fossil fuels. One such solution we provide is the Hot Water Heat Pump.

This is a fantastic way to heat your hot water, no solar panels, no oil or solid fuel, no immersion or electric showers needed. The heat exchanger uses air to heat the water and the running cost is very low at only 2.9 Amps. Simple, fast installation, 65oc of Hot Water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This combination of heating water, easy installation and low running cost is exactly the kind of service everyone wants.
The running cost comes in at around €24 per month and varies on your hot water consumption.  Installation is simple and minimum space is required.  While solar panels will heat water, they won’t be active every day because they are controlled by the weather. 

Solar panels are not suitable for this country and therefore they will not provide you with hot water 365 days a year and 24 hours a day and will need to be assisted by oil.

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The hot water heat pump only works when there is a temperature drop in the cylinder, this will only happen when you want to use hot water as our cylinder has a high grade insulation, on average it can run up to six hours in a day during winter season, in summer it would be half that. You can use any room in the house you want, it’s just ideal to use a wet room. There have been cases where we have vented kitchens, utilities and landings. Wet rooms are ideal because of the direct contact with steam from showers.

Grants for heat pumps were available, but due to cutbacks all grants have either been extinguished or lowered.  I honestly believe that as soon as the grants are gone, solar panels won’t be very attractive anymore, while heat pumps are still being installed without any grants due to their low running costs, high efficiencies and performance.

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  1. Solar Panels will not guarantee 65oc of Hot Water all the time
  2. They can be an eyesore on the roof of your house
  3. I believe half the roofs in the country will be leaking due to bracketing systems
  4. Solar Panels are no advantage whatsoever in Ireland and the better ones called evacuated tubes are like fluorescent bulbs and are extremely easy to damage (footballs, tennis balls, extremely bad weather)
  5. Solar Panels are filled with expensive fluid called glycol

  1. A Hot water heat pump will guarantee up to 65oc of hot water, 365 days a year, 24/7, day or night, rain, sleet or snow
  2. No leaks or eye sore on your roof
  3. Hot water heat pump is filled with water
  4. Can heat up to 2000ltr per day, which is more than enough for five people
  5. Simple fast installation and minimum space required

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