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James Ogston
Axwell House, 2 Westerton Road
East Mains Industrial Estate
EH52 5AU
Opening Hours
08:30 am-06:00 pm
08:30 am-06:00 pm

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Feel free to contact us outside normal business working hours by email as shown above and we will promptly respond.

Happy to serve you and look forward to working with you.


Business Services
  • Trimble Sketchup 2024 Certified Software Sales & Authorised Training Centre in UK
  • UK Leader in 3D Design Software Sales for Design & Construction
  • CAD Drawing Services & BIM Consultancy
  • 2D & 3D/CAD/BIM ARCHLine.XP 2024 BIM Design Software Sales & Training
  • Official ARCHLine.XP 2024 BIM building SMART Members
  • ZWCAD 2025 - Autocad Alternative Software and Training Partner
  • 3D Modeling Bureau Services to Designers, Contractors and Stakeholders
  • 3D Rendering Software Sales and Training...V-Ray, SU Podium, Enscape, D5 Render, TwinMotion, Thea Render SimLab Soft Composer, and Plugins
  • Graphics and Visualisation Services
  • Construction Animation and Workflow Sequence Services
  • Facilities Management and Construction 3D Modeling Services
  • Professional 3D Designer Laptops and Desktop Computer and Business Support Sales

See-It-3D Welcomes You
We are a premier leader in offering the best-in-class 2D and 3D professional design software solutions to the AEC Market for Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Our Strongly established 3D SketchUp skill sets and training system has been formed from many years of promoting and educating many small-sized to global leading businesses since the early days as Authorised Trainers firstly with @Last Software (Original SketchUp Creators), then as Google’s first and longest established Authorised Training Centre for UK and Europe, and now with Trimble as their UK Partner for Sketchup Pro & Studio 2024 Authorised Training Centre serving the United Kingdom.


We continue to successfully deliver flexible and powerful software and hardware sales, training, consultancy and support services to all clients and professionals wishing to succeed in design, AEC and BIM environments using a combination of computerized 2D drafting, 3D modelling and visualization approaches within the design and construction arena.

Supporting our clients enables them to flourish using our new technology and expertise to greatly improve in-house design teams' knowledge and skills by providing the best software solution for current and future projects. Our proven track record of satisfied clients continues to thrive in delivering solutions and expertise to streamline and improve existing workflows and services to clients.

We support new and existing clients in the UK, Europe, and worldwide so whether you are a student of design, a design professional, and a business owner or part of a multi-national or overseas business, we can advise and deliver the best standard and tailored solutions to you.

Our product range includes leading 3D applications..
  • Trimble Sketchup 2024-LayOut and Stylebuilder.
  • SketchUp Extensions
  • ARCHline.XP 2024 CAD/OPENBIM
  • ZWCAD 2025 (AutoCAD) Alternative
  • Moi3D- Moment of Inspiration
  • V-Ray for SketchUp, Revit, Rhino
  • D5 Render
  • Enscape for SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks
  • TwinMotion
  • SU Podium
  • Simlab Composer and Plugins
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • 3DConnexion SpaceMice Hardware
  • Dell 3D Custom Workstation Desktops and Mobile Computer Sales

Training and support go hand in hand with the software programs and ensure that clients get the best possible hands-on training suited for their individual needs.

For customized and bespoke training, give us a call and we can incorporate any existing projects within the training to help you achieve your goals.

As a company, we have a mission to bring precise 2D and 3D design exploration tools easily and affordably within the reach of everyday users. Our main focus is especially to make "Your Dreams Our Skills" using 3D. A reality and not just a dream. That mission is realized through the portfolio of software options we currently offer that will suit any company's needs and budgets. We have the answers and they are proving very successful!

SEE-IT-3D brings innovative modelling, photorealistic rendering, drawing composition, and precise translators into the demanding world of presentation, communication, and computer-aided design CAD and BIM communities. Our proven track record continues to open and grow further business opportunities worldwide.

We look forward to working with you.

Should you have any questions or further needs please feel free to contact me at any time.

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Reviews & Testimonials for SEEIT3D

5 star review
September 01, 2022
As an experienced SketchUp user, I knew I was very confident with SketchUp but as a self-taught user I suspected there were a few tricks I was missing. James came in and ran through his full training program with me. To say it was an eye-opener doesn't really go far enough.

I'm now a serious SketchUp user. James' knowledge and approach were highly professional and at the same time very amenable. He was able to answer very specific industry-related problems and introduced me to additional plugins and ways of working that have had an immediate and positive effect on my business presentation and efficiency.
I would thoroughly recommend James to all SketchUp users, especially those who think they already know how to use SketchUp.
Testimonial by
Verified Garden Designer
5 star review
August 08, 2022
I recommend James Ogston of Seeit3d for his highly recognized SketchUp expertise and excellent accredited training focus for any one-to-one tuition or corporate training events for new and existing SketchUp enthusiasts. James continues to be regarded by many Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, and Construction Professionals as the vital link in best portraying the intuitive and interestingly powerful 3D processes that SketchUp offers plus, at the same time continues to satisfy clients' business needs to embrace 3D. We had the pleasure of utilizing James' SketchUp knowledge across the United Kingdom and Europe and he proved that this service successfully met our specific needs.
Testimonial by
Verified Global Internet Search and Advertising Services Company
5 star review
July 14, 2022
James Ogston has been instrumental in our practice adopting Sketchup and undertaking all of our training requirements.

His enthusiasm for the program is such that on training days we would work through lunch asking James questions… can it do this…? If we wanted to do this would it be possible to…?.... the answer was always ‘Yes!’. Thanks to James, our level of understanding in Sketchup is now such we often construct some of our more detailed projects component by component in Sketchup prior to them going on-site.

This allows us to provide full cutting schedules to the contractors, explain details and construction processes more easily, and present ideas to the clients.
Testimonial by
Verified Architects UK Customer
5 star review
May 21, 2022
We have engaged the services of See-it-3D on several occasions for both group and one-to-one tutorials for Trimble Sketchup. James's enthusiasm for the software, and the industry, coupled with his natural teaching style provides valuable value for both the new and highly experienced user. James has transformed the way in which we design, and produce information in the office. We have no hesitation in engaging or recommending the services of James Ogston at See-it-3D.
Testimonial by
Verified Architect UK Customer
5 star review
April 10, 2022
A few years ago I was fortunate enough to enjoy a one-on-one training day with James Ogston.

Under James' guidance, it didn’t take long for me to realize just how straightforward and intuitive SketchUp really is. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the program, and how it interfaces with other software (software on which I have to say he also appears to have a total grip) is enviable. I have become a committed and frequent user of SketchUp and in part, this has been down to James' help and guidance.

As a footnote, I would add that since then he has, on occasion, given me advise, either by phone or skype, and this has always been done clearly and with good grace.
Testimonial by
Verified Creator in the UK Film Industry
5 star review
February 15, 2022
I would just like to express my thanks for the exceptional service that you have given my company. Your in-depth knowledge and patient approach to teaching have made our transition from 2D drawing to 3D modeling a pleasant and interesting experience. We were originally very concerned that we may find the change difficult but your helpfulness and willingness to sort out our learning difficulties have made the experience quick and easy. I will have no hesitation in recommending See-It-3D to anyone who needs a friendly and efficient 3D sales, modeling, visualization, and presentation service.
Testimonial by
Verified Commercial Multi-Unique Sensory Design UK Customer
5 star review
January 12, 2022
"Just an email to thank you for the time and patience extended to me during our recent training session on SketchUp.
There's absolutely no doubt that one-to-one with someone skilled enough to understand the errors made by us mere mortals, makes all the difference and I feel I have left knowing much more than I did previously as well as feeling confident to take things to a new level of usage.
Keen to use this to my advantage, as well as looking forward to our next training day."
Testimonial by
Verified Commercial Catering Design and Build UK Customer
5 star review
September 22, 2021
Seeit3d training is invaluable. After teaching myself for three years I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about workflow and how much quicker modeling could be. In certain aspects, I have reduced modeling time by as much as 95%!
Testimonial by
Verified Shopfitter - Carpenter UK Customer
5 star review
September 16, 2021
James is the most patient and calm trainer. He gives clear instructions and has been very generous with his time. I could use most of the tools but was unaware of the importance of workflow. I thoroughly recommend James and will definitely get more training from him when I need to in the future.
Testimonial by
Verified Kitchen - Interior Designer UK Customer
5 star review
July 09, 2021
After using the "Make" and "Pro" version of SketchUp for years, I can honestly attest to how much of an improvement the 2021 version is. After amazing and comprehensive advice from James, I took the jump, and though I was a bit apprehensive at first, it was clear very quickly how much better this version is. Models and processes which took minutes to complete now only take seconds, which really add up at the end of a work day. Smaller features like being able to adjust the Layer/Tag outliner to quickly identify what belongs on which scene also helps my workflow to be much more efficient. Really impressed, with both See It 3D, and SketchUp 2021.
Testimonial by
Verified Architect UK Customer
5 star review
May 01, 2021
There's nothing you can do in Autocad that you can't do in Sketchup. Also is far less expensive, as are the plugins and 3D rendering software options.

James at Seeit3D provides excellent training and awesome support.
Testimonial by
Verified Bespoke Joinery & Design Build UK Customer
5 star review
March 07, 2018
We first approached SEE-IT-3D some 3 years ago and since then have never looked back. They have provided guidance, hardware, software and training with total professionalism and attention second to none. James in particular is in a league of his own and his knowledge of the software and patience in transferring that to his students is priceless. We wouldnt waste our time talking to anyone else.
Review by
Alex Whitmore
5 star review
October 26, 2017
The support team answered fast and explained well our support issue. Along with very easy online ordering we received our items on the same day. Thank you.

Testimonial by
Verified Landscape Design and Build UK Customer
5 star review
June 18, 2014
A few years ago I was fortunate enough to enjoy a one-on-one training day with James Ogston. Under James guidance it didn't take long for me to realise just how straightforward and intuitive SketchUp really is. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the programme, and how it interfaces with other software (software on which I have to say he also appears to have a total grip) is enviable.I have become a committed and frequent user of SketchUp and in part this has been down to James help and guidance.As a footnote I would add that since then he has, on occasion, given me advice, either by phone or skype, and this has always been done clearly and with good grace.
Review by
SEEIT3D. 5 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.



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