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Hydrotech Water Services

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Gerry Smith
County Co. Roscommon

About Hydrotech Water Services

With over 10 years of experience in the water filter market
Hydrotech Water Services are a supplier of quality water filters. We provide under-sink and entire-building filtration solutions for domestic and commercial customers.

Domestic Services
Ask any home owner if they are happy with their raw water supply and most will shake their heads in disgust! The good news is that usually, it can be rectified easily enough.
The most common complaints we receive are about:
  • Hardness (lime) is a major problem for home-owners as it stains and causes “scale” build-up over time, which is both unsightly and difficult to remove requiring hours of additional house work cleaning sinks, showers, taps, etc.

  • Taste

  • Odour

Other issues caused by hard water include:
  • Increased heating costs

  • Waste of cleaning products (upto 55%)

  • Appliances breaking down or needing replacement long before they are due

  • Skin complaints not clearing up / worsening due to hard water irritation
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Once you have experienced soft water in your home we truly believe you will not want to live without it!
A good quality filter can make this possible and we have systems to suit every household and budget.

Commercial Services
With equipment and running costs so high the last thing you need is poor quality water costing you thousands of euro , also with the cost of municipal water a lot of business owners are opting to using private supplies such as wells and rain water harvesting these options save a lot you money over time and it has to be got right from the start , we do detailed surveys and plan for all possibilities such as dry spells power cuts etc, so you always have quality water on demand, if you run any type of business we are here to advise you and outline all options available.

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