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Cork Gutter and Cleaning Services

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County Co Cork

About Cork Gutter and Cleaning Services

About Us
Cork gutter cleaning services is a family-run business based in Innishannon, Cork. We offer gutter cleaning, fascia and soffit cleaning, window washing / window cleaning, powerwashing and chimney cleaning.

We also offer a repair service for damaged fascia/soffit and gutters.

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As well as all of the above cleaning services, we also have our own, insured cherry picker available for those high-rise, hard to reach places. Our range of cleaning services are perfect for cleaning your windows, gutters and paved areas in the home or at the office.

Our staff have been trained in all aspects of cleaning, and have completed the necessary health and safety courses.

All cleaning services will be completed to the customer’s satisfaction prior to any payment and our company is fully compliant in terms of public liability insurance.

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  • Gutter Cleaning
    Free-flowing, clean gutters are crucial in protecting your home. A clear, clean gutter will catch the rain and prevent it from running directly down your home, causing damp on walls and adversely affecting the foundations.

  • Fascia & Soffit Cleaning
    Fascia and soffit boards can become tired, dull and dirty looking after a period of time if not maintained. By cleaning fascia and soffit boards, you can rest assured that any permanent damage is prevented.

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  • Window Cleaning
    Our window cleaning service in Cork is second to none. Cleaning windows allows natural light into your home or office; this light will help to heat your home and keep your electricity/gas bills low.

  • Powerwashing
    Powerwashing is perfect for paved areas and decking. Our powerwashing services uses power washers with variable pressure settings to ensure your paths and paved areas are kept in excellent condition while powerwashing.

  • Disposal of Waste Matter
    We dispose of all waste matter once our cleaning services are complete. We then remove it off-site where it can be disposed of safely, in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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  • Home & Office Cleaning
    We clean windows, gutters and chimneys in the home, along with powerwashing of paved areas and paths. Plus we have the correct machinery to clean windows and gutters in the office.

  • Gutter/Fascia Repairs
    A handy extra; we also carry out gutter and fascia repairs if the condition is poor. Before cleaning gutters or fascias, we carry out an extensive condition check, so that thet fascias can be repaired prior to cleaning.

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  • Cherry Picker Available
    Cherry Pickers are great for reaching those areas that cannot be reached at arm-length. Our staff are fully trained to operate a cherry picker and have completed all the necessary training to man a cherry picker.

  • Chimney Cleaning
    In need of a chimney sweep? Our chimney cleaning service covers brushing and vacuuming, plus a post chimney clean, clean up to get rid of any excess ash and soot.

  • Upton Landscaping Services

Margaret O'Sullivan, Clonakilty, Co Cork
My windows were cleaned to a very high standard and I was especially impressed by their commitment to health & safety.

Sheila Lynch, Ovens, Co Cork
As a result of the work of their work the outside of my house was completely transformed.

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