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Castlebar Rd
County Mayo
F28 KD28

About Thinstone Ireland

Considering some stonework for your home?

ThinStone is:
  • 100% natural stone in Sandstone or Limestone
  • Roughly 15% to 20% less costly than using heavier-weight building stone
  • Fixes directly to the wall. No need for costly lentils over windows or doors
  • Only one inch in thickness, so lightweight and easy to build
  • Less depth of stone around windows, so lets in more light and results in brighter sunnier rooms for your home
  • No mess and no waste stone left over; buy exactly the amount of stone you need
  • Fits easily where other heavier building stone just won’t go, and so is ideal for your renovations or extensions
  • Maintenance free for a lifetime
  • Supplied and fitted by ThinStoneIreland
  • With a 10 year written guarantee on all stonework

Thinstone Ireland ImageThinstone Ireland Image

About ThinStone Ireland:
We are based in Westport, Co. Mayo and supply natural stone cladding and carry out stonework all over Ireland. We can simply supply the stone to you, or supply stone and complete your stonework fully, whatever plan suits your needs. Our stonemasons are very experienced and are very proud of their stonework. We will build your stonework to the highest quality and help you to add a whole new look and feeling to your home.
  • House fronts
  • Porches
  • Walls
  • Patios
  • Fireplaces

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Save money and save work:
Talking with us early on in your project will save you both money and work. ThinStone eliminates the need for additional structural support in foundations as well as the need for lentils over doors and windows. Both of those are costly items and are always needed for the much heavier form of building stone.

We have many happy clients and completed projects to show you, which will give you a real understanding of the many advantages of working with ThinStone.

We also sell a new stone product called LightStone. This fixes directly on to ICF or external insulation.

ThinStone were first to bring this approach to stonework to Ireland. We are the leading company offering ThinStone in both sandstone and limestone. Do give us a call about your project or the one that you are considering. We would be pleased to discuss that and will give you sound practical advice, whatever you decide.

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Thinstone Ireland ImageThinstone Ireland Image

Thinstone Ireland Image

Reviews & Testimonials for Thinstone Ireland

1 star review
January 27, 2024
I seem to be an outlier here with the glowing reviews I’ve read of Thinstone Ireland and fair enough, their product is lovely (I love the stone I got)) and the work done on my fireplace – thank you, Michael! What I had serious issue with here was the aggressive, bullying behaviour of the MD of this company, Declan Conway, who I met once in person (very friendly then) and subsequently dealt with on the phone. It happened back in November (had been away so only reviewing now)
At the time, I was looking at stone options for a fireplace and spent time figuring out the hearthstone, particularly. I had discussed it with Declan at that point. He was charming at the beginning, very charming, gave me his time, offered ideas for the hearth stone, all of which I appreciated and thanked him for. I was delighted.
I had been undecided with the hearth stone however. I loved the idea of sandstone but was concerned about the porosity of it and was trying to decide. The guys said they’d seal it well and it should be fine and I was happy with that. So I went back and forth with Declan then re size/ shape for a while trying to see what might work as I was also trying to gain space in my room.
In the end, I changed my mind from getting 2 small hearth stones, (the second being removable, only there when the stove was lit - not a good idea, in hindsight ) to one fixed piece and I rejigged measurements accordingly. I had already paid at that point for the price for 2 pieces and had been told by one of the guys who took my visa details that I’d be refunded the difference if the measurements were changed.
This was a consideration as the hearthstone was extremely costly – 400 euro for the smallest size of hearthstone you could get within fire regulations. While chatting with Declan I asked about this and he explained that the cost was in the cutting and edging etc and I thought, grand and went ahead.
But when I changed it to one piece I, (naturally enough,) expected it would be less expensive. When I asked the question, if there might be some refund, I didn’t get an answer so I asked again, politely, as we were confirming other things. I knew that I had gotten Declan’s hackles up by then. He was curt in the text, said that was the price and that I’d gotten a discount (really?) and said I could just cancel the order if I wanted! I was a bit taken aback, thought it strange, an overreaction to a customer’s question. (little did I realise what was to come) I said no more and was happy to go ahead, obviously. I loved the stone.

Some time after than, when the stone arrived, I rang, really disappointed that the hearth stone hadn’t properly been sealed as they’d promised and was already stained from being put in by the guy installing my stove. In fact, the installer had been worried when he saw the hearthstone, could see it wasn’t sealed, very raw, covered it as best he could. Even the guy who clad the wall later (who worked for Thinstone) could see that the hearthstone was not sealed, had commented on it.

I rang Thinstone Ireland to see. I was very disappointed, annoyed and wanted to know what happened and what could be done to clean and seal it properly. I asked one of the guys if Declan could ring me back. Declan didn’t return my call so I rang back after a few days and instead of discussing the issue with me in a civil, professional manner (as one might reasonably expect from the MD of a company) Declan went ballistic on the phone. He was literally raging, didn’t give me a chance to even speak, said Micheal, who was due to clad the wall, was to put in the hearthstone (which wasn’t so) and said I had no business getting the stove installer to do it – also not so. This had been agreed with myself and Michael. It was irrelevant to Declan. He didn’t care who put it in. All I wanted to know was why the sealer wasn’t put on
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5 star review
November 13, 2020
Thinstone Ireland has just completed erecting stone cladding on our house. From the first contact to the last day of completion everything went like clockwork. All questions was quickly answered and stone was delivered on que. The stone mason/master craftsman, Barry McGourty, carried out the work with no fuss and a lot of expertise, in fact we hardly knew he was there until he had finished, a real gent to deal with. I can without any doubt what so ever recommend Thinstone Ireland, and Barry, to anyone who wants thorough and professional stone work carried out on their home. Thanks Barry and Thinstone. James and Mary.
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5 star review
March 16, 2015
We had Thinstone Ireland do some work for us front of house also garden wall, Very pleased with the finished product a great Quality job highly recomended.
Review by
J J Duignan
Thinstone Ireland. 3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.



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Light Stone for ICF or External Insulation

100% natural stone cladding ...Sandstone or Limestone...1 inch thickness

Internal feature walls in natural stone...easy !

boundary walls

Porches in stone

Housefronts in stone


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Declan Conway Managing Director

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