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About Hertalan (Ireland) Ltd

About CARLISLE® Construction Materials Limited
CARLISLE® Construction Materials Europe belongs to the Construction Materials division of CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated, a globally diversified, listed company. Decades of experience and expertise of the European enterprises are united under one roof. These companies have gained a reputation as the leading experts in high-quality, high-tech elastomeric products for sustainable waterproofing of flat roof constructions, cladding and structural sealing.

Together we offer these 4 strong brands:
  • RESITRIX® Waterproofing Membranes
  • HERTALAN® EPDM Sheeting
  • ALUTRIX® Vapour Barriers
  • HARDCAST® Professional Adhesives and Sealants

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RESITRIX® is the only waterproofing membrane with a patented combination of high-quality polymer modified bitumen and synthetic rubber EPDM which combines the benefits of both materials. The polymer bitumen layer on the bottom side allows the membranes to be welded at any given point. A durable and highly-resistant weld-seam is guaranteed. The EPDM surface is fully elastic and capable of withstanding ageing processes as well as any kind of weather exposure, therefore RESITRIX® is highly resistant even against extreme climatic influences and temperature changes.

The material endures elongations of more than 500% and it still returns completely in its original shape. The test institute SKZ in Würzburg attested RESITRIX® a lifetime of more than 50 years, even for the weld-seam which is unique among the tested products. RESITRIX® can be rapidly and easily installed and is suited for all applications in new constructions and refurbishments in every climate zone.

  • RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond
  • RESITRIX® SK Partial Bond

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HERTALAN® easy cover is an EPDM-sheeting system. The EPDM-membranes are vulcanized in a special hot bonding technique in our factory and thus become the “tailored-suit” for a flat roof. The number of seams which have to be welded manually on the construction site is decreased to a minimum, accordingly is the risk of leaks. HERTALAN® easy cover  guarantees highest security and fastest project execution. Especially in the cold seasons when weather conditions can considerably disturb construction processes, this is of inestimable value. Furthermore, HERTALAN® easy cover  scores with the benefits of EPDM: The material is highly resistant against ageing processes and climatic influences, therefore the test institute SKZ in Würzburg certified a lifetime of more than 50 years. The molecular network structure guarantees an elasticity of more than 500%, afterwards the material returns completely in its original shape.

HERTALAN® is an EPDM-sheeting system especially made for mechanically fixed waterproofing systems. At the edge of the waterproofing membranes there is a UV-resistant welding strip which consists of a thermoplastic elastomer. Upon installation, these strips are welded with hot air thus creating a long-lasting, homogenous and waterproof connection between the membranes.

  • HERTALAN® Easy Cover
  • HERTALAN® Easy Weld
  • HERTALED Lead Alternative

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ALUTRIX® 600 and ALUTRIX® FR are highly resistible vapour barriers consisting of a reinforced aluminium compound. Both products are especially suited for installation on profiled steel decking. They can be walked on and are resistant to penetration. ALUTRIX® vapour barriers can be used on constructions which are highly-stressed by humidity, such as swimming pools or sports halls, without any problem.

  • ALUTRIX® 600

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The product range of HARDCAST® comprises several hundred variants of butyl, bitumen and textile tapes, sealants and mastics. All products are exclusively developed and manufactured in our plant. Adhesive, width, length and thickness of the tapes can be adjusted to individual customer requirements for customized solutions. Most diverse application possibilities for roofs, claddings and structural sealing can be guaranteed.



CARLISLE® CM Europe Scoops Prestigious UK Industry Award

The team at CARLISLE® CM Europe together with Topek Ltd and Robertson Construction Group Ltd are celebrating after scooping two awards at the prestigious UK Roofing Awards, hosted by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC).The awards took place on the 19th May in London and recognise outstanding standards in the roofing industry. Projects were judged on several categories including workmanship, safety, complexity and the challenges they overcame.

CARLISLE® CM Europe received the Single Ply Roofing Award. Additionally, the same project scooped the Green Roofing Award for their work on the Macallan Distillery Expansion in Scotland. This project is one of a kind in the UK and required several tailor made solutions including a bespoke roof design that was created by the CARLISLE® CM Europe’s technical team.

CARLISLE® CM Europe’s CARLISLE® Academy provided specialist product and installation training to Topek’s installation team. A day long, hands-on training at the CARLISLE® Academy in Mansfield (Nottinghamshire), covered intricate product and installation details adhering to the correct product specifications.

To ensure the highest quality and watertight roof, RESITRIX® SKW Full Bond, ALUTRIX® 600 and RESIFLEX® products were specified from CARLISLE® CM Europe’s product range. RESITRIX® SKW is a full surface, self-adhesive and root resistant EPDM waterproofing membrane. The vapour barrier membrane ALUTRIX® 600 has the added advantage that it can be walked upon straight after installation and that it is puncture proof. RESIFLEX® expansion joint tape was used for professional cross and joint sealing.

One of Topek’s most experienced squads, with more than sixty years’ experience between them, were assigned the task of bringing all these elements together to deliver the final package.

The Macallan Distillery Expansion project brought multiple teams together and has contributed to a raising industry standards for innovation, design and workmanship. Topek Ltd, Robertson Construction Group, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and CARLISLE® CM Europe worked to a tight deadline and brought all their experience together to produce a roofing project that was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

“We are so proud to win the award in the single ply roofing category but what is equally impressive is that the same project also won an award in the green roof category, which is a testimony of the far reaching benefits of our products and specially our bitumen backed EPDM RESITRIX® SKW Full Bond” stated Duncan Kirkwood, CARLISLE® CM Europe’s UK Managing Director.
CARLISLE® Uncorks New Opportunities for the Future in the Heart of Derbyshire

On Tuesday, 11th April 2017, the entire staff at the manufacturer Adshead Ratcliffe in Belper, Derbyshire, were in for a very pleasant surprise. There was a lot of positivity in the air and with the help of glorious spring sunshine it was a perfect day to have a visit from Gregor Ellegast, CEO of CARLISLE® Construction Materials (CM) Europe, and the entire European management team.

Recently, the US group CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated acquired Adshead Ratcliffe, a subsidiary of ARBO Holdings Limited. The product range complements the European group’s portfolio very well in view of the planned growth strategy, especially to strengthen its sealing solutions range.

On this occasion, Julian Miller, Finance Director of Adshead Ratcliffe, introduced Gregor Ellegast to everyone at the company.

Gregor Ellegast shared the company structure, its culture and vision for the future and how the customers will benefit from an expanded product range. He also presented the expansion plans in the UK and Germany and the investment that the company has made recently and will be making in the next few years.

In his presentation Gregor Ellegast shared his experience of when CARLISLE® Companies Inc. acquired his company back in 2011 and CARLISLE® CM Europe was launched, with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

Gregor Ellegast stated “people are the most important asset of our company. We will continue to invest in our people and our culture to achieve the growth that is planned for the UK”. He further added “Brexit will not stop the company investing in the UK and the country remains a core market for all our EPDM and sealing solutions”.

Duncan Kirkwood, Managing Director of CARLISLE® CM Ltd., introduced the European operational board to the Adshead staff. Most members of the board were visiting the ARBO manufacturing site for the very first time and were excited to learn about the opportunities that ARBO products offer to the customers.

The presentation was followed by cake cutting and the morning ended with everyone receiving a goody bag and a bottle of champagne to raise a toast to the future with their family and friends and to look forward to shaping the CARLISLE® experience together.
CARLISLE® CM Europe bets on sealing solutions

As a counterpart to Roofing, the EPDM manufacturer CARLISLE® CM Europe builds up the independent business unit “Sealing Solutions” for façade and ground construction sealing. By this means, the company intends to improve its reaction to changed customer needs and market demands as well as to realize its ambitious growth plans.

The European business group offers craftsmen and architects products and services for durable sealing of the entire building envelope. A market with a continuously increasing growth potential: Not only the company’s former core business roof sealing has dynamically developed. The requirements of the energy saving regulations have considerably increased and thus have had a rising effect on the demand for intelligent airtight and ground construction sealing products. A clear signal for CARLISLE® CM Europe to establish an independent business unit for the corresponding products.
Complementary Business Units

The BAU 2017, world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, terminated on January 21, 2017. There, CARLISLE® CM Europe could present its sealing solutions from one source with great success. At the booth, numerous professional visitors could convince themselves of how the products are perfectly complementing each other to comprehensive sealing systems for watertight and airtight construction.

Sven-M. Druwen, Director Sealing Solutions Europe since 1 January 2017, declares: „The spin-off of the areas façade and ground construction sealing enables us to bundle important core functions like Sales, Service, Development and Production in the new business unit and to allocate appropriate resources. A coordinated product and market strategy allows us to meet our growth objectives, by organic growth as well as by acquisitions.”

Thierry Jacot, Director Roofing Europe, adds: „Simultaneously, we will manage to focus even stronger on our core business Roofing to further expand and develop it. The positive response we received at the BAU in Munich has shown that our concept of customer proximity, competence and flexibility combined with local service arrangements, bears fruit. Thus we have developed to a serious player in the market.”
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