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Albright Window Films UK Ltd

Albright Window Films UK Ltd Contact Details

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Mr Daniel Farney
7 Maylands Business Centre
Redbourn Road
Hemel Hempstead
County Hertfordshire
England UK

About Albright Window Films UK Ltd

Established in 2002, Albright Window Films UK are based in Hertfordshire and cover the entire UK. We have a vast knowledge of the Window Film industry and our wide range of products give our customers a greater choice.

Through hard work and dedication AWF have established themselves as one of the regions fastest growing Window Film companies.

We have a team of professional installers who will apply the film to the desired window or surface causing the minimum of disturbance and disruption.

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Privacy & Frosted Film
AWF supply a range of Privacy and Frosted films that can be used to obscure private areas or make dull ones more interesting. They can be successfully used in a variety of places including homes, offices, schools, shops and restaurants.

Frosted window film is one of our most popular products - it is durable so will not scuff or scratch and versatile so can be used for many different applications around the home and office.

Heat Reflective Film
High Reflective or Heat Reducing window films can dramatically reduce the amount of heat build-up within a room or office by as much as 80%. By applying solar reflective window film to the inside face of your windows you can virtually eliminate UV rays and reduce glare by upto 84% depending on the type of film you choose.

UV Filters & Fade Reduction
Widely used in museums and shop-fronts to offer greater protection against fading, Ultra Violet window film is optically clear in appearance so once installed there is no change in the look of the glass. The film has the ability to reject 99.9% of the suns harmful UV rays which is a major factor in the fight against fading.

Anti-Glare Window Film
AWF offer a range of anti-glare window films that provide instant relief for the often detrimental effects of excessive glare and heat. Anti-Glare window film acts as a barrier to harsh glare much the same way as a good pair of sun glasses would do on a sunny day!

Energy Saving Window Film
With new Government initiatives and EU Directives companies and businesses are being urged to reduce their carbon emissions. Energy saving window films offer a cost effective carbon neutral solution to reducing your energy consumption. Research tells us that the heating and cooling (HVAC) of commercial premises is a major cause of damaging greenhouse gases.

Bomb Blast Window Film
Bomb Blast or Anti-Shatter Window Film is designed to withstand repeated impact and extreme stress. Windows are regarded as weak and vulnerable to criminals and by far the easiest means of access into a building. Bomb blast window film ensures that glass is held together in the event of an explosion or attempted breakage and reduces the risk of fragments and splintering of the window. Blast film is the highest grade of protection a glazed unit can obtain.

Safety Window Film
Safety Film is completely clear so has no effect on the appearance of the window, it is designed to upgrade unsafe fragile glass to current British Standards without the need to replace the whole unit which can be costly. It is a legal requirement that glazing in public areas should meet the minimum safety standard, applying Safety Film will ensure your glass meets these standards and regulations.

Security Window Film
Security film is designed to withstand repeated impact and powerful force or explosions. AWF have a range of security window films that can create a safer more secure environment for your property, interiors and occupants. Security window films ensure that broken glass is securely contained within the frame and reduces the risk of flying shards and fragments of glass which we know cause a high percentage of injuries.

Building regulations 2000 Part M states that glass entrance doors and glass screens will satisfy requirements M1 & M2 if manifestations are installed between 850mm and 1000mm from the floor and another band between 1400mm and 1600mm.

Partition Graphics
To comply with current building regulations any full height glass windows, partitions or doors must be marked suitably with graphics or manifestation dots to clearly state that there is glass there and to prevent the risk of injury should somebody walk into it.

Window Graphics
AWF offer a full design and installation service for any kind of window graphics from company logos to bespoke designs for the home or office. We can provide you with a mock up of your design visions prior to production and if you intend to fit it yourself we can help with installation tips.


Albright Window Films UK Ltd General Description

Window Film Company supplying and installing commercial and residential window films and coatings including Solar control window film, privacy film, frosted film, security and safety films.
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