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Mr Scott Bissett
5 Wellfield Road
County Lancashire
North West

About Water Saving Techniques

WST engage in commercial activities with the residential, corporate and public sectors to manage their consumption of fresh water. We endorse the use of water saving policies and strategies and with our concept of intelligent aquanomics, to protect the environment and to assist our clients to meet the current water legislation. The WST portfolio of Intelligent Aquanomic products, Industrial Aquanomics and Environomics, provide our clients with water conservation technology to minimise human water use, control their energy use and asset and site safety management and when employed is accompanied by proven financial savings.

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Water lies at the heart of everything, as world population has tripled over the last century and will reach 9 billion by 2050. The growing pressure on water resources will dramatically affect water availability and increase global water scarcity. Water availability is one of the most tangible and fastest-growing social, political and economic challenges faced today; Water is important for human life: food, sanitation, energy, production of goods & transport; water ensures not only mere survival of humans, but also social well-being and economic growth.

There is no substitute for water.

Industrial Aquanomics
Industrial Aquanomics play a significant role in within the structure of corporate and public organisations. Driven by strict budget constraints and external pressure to improve efficiency, they are meticulously scrutinising their industrial services strategy.

Industrial Aquanomics from WST focuses upon:
Drainage Network Mapping & Repair, CCTV Drainage inspection, Pre-Planned Drainage Maintenance, Project Management of Site Work, Sewers & Highway Drainage Network Mapping & Pumping Station Inspections. A recent European study shows the importance of industrial services, providing advantages to organisations with greater efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and quality.

The study shows that total market volume will remain stable in the future but indicates the trend is clearly toward outsourcing.

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Environomics is environmental management programme created by our partners, Evzin & Associates []; It has been designed to support both the public & private sectors to identify, understand & rectify the complexity of water and environmental management issues.

Our depth of expertise in Flood Risk Management , Flood Mitigation and Unified Urban Drainage Systems allows Evzin & Associates; to provide assessment, planning, design and implementation services directly to local authorities, government departments, water/waste water providers, private housing developers, industrial developers, consultants, facilities management and private home owners.

Contact 0131 618 7477 or

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Waterless Technology
Your business annually wastes an enormous amount of water through the uncontrolled flushing of urinals twenty-four hours every day. It accounts for approximately 50% of your building’s water usage and impacts on your operating budget. P.pod waterless urinal technology from WST converts your existing flushing urinals for operation without flushing or a timed flushing sequence. P.pod waterless technology from WST can offset these results and provide other benefits, such as reduce power costs, remove odours and provide an enhanced bathroom user experience. The P.pod incorporates an integral biological block that freshens and decontaminates the urinal bowl during urination, ensuring that your washrooms remain sanitary and odour free no matter the volume of use.

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