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Simon Kelly
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Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and UK bank holidays. Website remains active to take orders and enquiries.

About Abrasives For Industry Ltd

The World of Abrasive Technology Products - For You To Create Beautiful Finishes Efficiently.

We are a better abrasive product supplier because:
  • We sell direct to you and don't refer you elsewhere.
  • We are specialists in abrasive products so you buy the choice of experts.
  • We know our products and are happy to share our product and applications advice. Just look around this website.
  • We provide superb value for money, passing on discounts where we can.
Diamond Cutting, Grinding & Polishing
We stock the Right Lines diamond blade ranges which are all industrial grade products, specified for high performance with long service life. Similarly, the diamond grinders and polishing pads will deliver rapid results and great value.

Diamond Drill Bits and Accessories
Our diamond core drill bits for construction are all based on premium laser welded diamond tips. We stock dry sizes for walls to suit both plumbing and electrical conduits and extractors. The tile drilling range includes solutions for drilling all tiles including glass and porcelain.

Metal Cutting & Grinding Discs & Wheels
Metal cutting and grinding discs come with much more choice than the traditional bonded abrasives.

Sanding Discs
Our sanding disc range is extensive and includes different mounting options and means of abrasive finishing wood, metal and stone. Grip discs and resin fibre discs are used on backing pads. Quick change discs also use small backing pads or mandrels. Flap discs, heavy duty discs and stripping discs are already on backing discs for mounting directly to angle grinder flanges.

Belts & Sleeve Belts
We have divided our enormous abrasive belt range by application area as best we can. Some machines may overlap. For example some wider powerfile belts are the same size as those used in small tube polishers. There are also some potential overlaps in description, for example tube notching may be carried out on a machine described as a belt grinder. If you can't find your size, please ask for a quote. If it isn't in stock it can usually be made to order at no extra charge.

Spirabands & Sanding Sleeves
We stock the UK's most comprehensive range of bobbin sander sleeves. We also stock spirabands for use on drum mandrels in zirconium abrasive for better performance on steel including stainless.

Polishing Products
Most hard materials can be polished. Polished finishes may be a reflective shine, including a mirror finish on metal, but there are a wide range of finishes that could be described as polished. In general, this section covers items that form part of a process of surface finish refinement, especially in fine grades. That process may begin with sanding or grinding, so other products outside this section may also be relevant to your finishing process.

Hand & Palm Sanding
Our sand paper rolls are 115mm wide as standard, which is ideal for many palm sanders, as well as for hand use. If you have not already tried them, it is worth considering non-woven abrasive hand pads for multi-purpose use on wood, metal, fillers and plastics. FORU hand-blocks make grianing metal easy, whilst diamond hand-blocks enable you to sand stone, tiles and glass.

Small Burrs Tips & Points
Carbide burrs are ideal for cutting in and shaping metal. Abrasive mounted points are better for surface cleaning and refinement and where very small amounts of material removal are required. Mounted corundum points are more aggresive. Unitised mounted points are best for fine surface finishing and polishing.

Abrasive Wheels
Our both spindle mounted and machine flap wheels are availble as cloth abrasive, non-woven abrasive (for fine finishes) and combination, giving both cleaning and finishing action. Lap mops are ideal for shaped components. Unitised and convolute wheels give fine, consistent finishes on metal surfaces.

Wire Brush Wheels
Our wire brush wheels are mainly from Jaz in Spain, which have proven over a number of years to be of high quality. We have built up an extensive stock of both steel and stainless steel wire designs for most tools and applications.

Carbide Saw Blades
We stock 2 types of carbide saw blades:
- Circular saw blades for mild steel and aluminium.
- Reciprocationg saw blades for steel, stainless steel and multiple other uses.

Abrasives Support Products
Our extensive range of abrasive support products will help you get the best from your abrasive consumables and the finishes you achieve.


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