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Adomast Manufacturing Limited

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Denise Wolstenholme
Barkston Road
Carlton Industrial Estate
County South Yorkshire
S71 3HU
England UK

About Adomast Manufacturing Limited

Formwork & Construction Chemical Specialist
Adomast has been manufacturing chemicals and cementitious products for over 40 years, and, as such, our products have become well established throughout the construction industry. We understand the importance when it comes to providing quality products in quick turnaround time, whilst offering competitive prices and never compromising on customer service.

We are able to offer bespoke products for our customers, where off-the-shelf products are sometimes not always suitable for the application, alongside own branding labels if required.

Our team are available to answer your sales and technical enquiries, and our onsite chemist is available to answer in-depth questions you may have. Please visit our contact page for details.

Quality Products from Adomast Manufacturing
Adomast Manufacturing Ltd have been creating specialist products for the construction industry for a number of years, and have built a solid reputation for supplying high-quality products at supremely competitive prices.

Adomast offer a comprehensive range of products and are constantly updating old technology with the latest scientific knowledge, focusing on an increasingly environmentally conscious industry without compromising performance or quality.

Mould Release Agents & Formwork Treatments
Adomast manufacture a wide range of formwork release agents to suit every type of construction casting. Our mould release agents cover all aspects of concrete casting from traditional mould release oils to the latest in emulsion technology.

Adomast supplies compounds for combining into the concrete formulation at the mixing stage, which accelerate the initial setting time and strength or help improve the mixing and application of concrete for difficult or awkward pours.

Concrete Curing Agents & Retarders
We manufacture a range of premium concrete curing agents and surface retarders. We offer curing agents that are both easy to apply and quick drying.

Resin Flooring, Sealing & Dustproofing
Adomast manufactures and supplies an extensive range of high-performance polymer coatings for the surface sealing of concrete and other porous masonry surfaces.

Waterproofing & Roofing
We offer an extensive range of bitumen- and asphalt-based paints, and coating compounds developed to protect construction and metallic surfaces from the weather by providing highly effective waterproof and corrosion protection.

Cleaners & Maintenance Products
We believe that keeping construction equipment, plant-work, and tools in top condition is vital in getting the best performance out of construction chemicals.

Construction Repair Mortars
Adomast has an excellent reputation in supplying high-performance, cementitious repair mortars. These mortars are polymer reinforced to impart high-strength, low-shrinkage characteristics.

Resin Repair & Adhesives
We have the latest in repair and adhesive products for the bonding and repair of all types of construction brick, stone and masonry. We produce rapid-setting and high-strength cross-linked resins which are highly weather and chemical resistant.

Plumbing Chemicals
Adomast manufactures easy-to-use chemicals for the maintenance and upkeep of central heating systems. These products can rapidly seal small leaks and weeping joints without having to drain the system.

Complementary Products
Adomast hold stock of auxiliary products used in the construction industry, including de-bonding paints for easy dowel bar extraction from cast concrete.


Adomast Manufacturing Limited General Description

mould oils - water proofing - masonry adhesive - patio cleaners - brick adhesives - adoseal - floor sealers - adocoat bitumen paint adocoat lac - styroklens - concrete pumping wood fillers - Curing Agents - Release agents - Concrete release agents - cementitious repair products - plaster sizers
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