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3A Hill Road
BT32 5EH
Northern Ireland

About Lifting Equipment Online

Welcome to Lifting Equipment Online, the leading supplier of top quality lifting equipment and handling gear. We are the one stop service provider for lifting and handling equipment for various industries. Our vast array of premium quality products are suitable for any professional application including lifting heavy industrial equipment. The lifting equipment on offer extends from ratchet straps and lifting slings to rigging gear and chains. All the products available are manufactured to comply with the industrial regulatory standards to encourage safety in any working environment the equipment is used.

Our 50 years plus experience of operating in the lifting equipment industry means you can expect all of our products and services to be top of the range only. Great customer service is highly important to us at Lifting Equipment Online. We have highly knowledgeable members of staff who take pride in their duties and are always prepared to go the extra mile to offer you the best assistance concerning the services you require.

Our staff are available all day every day to deal with any queries you have. Whether it be advice on correct lifting procedures or a simple order query don't be afraid to lift the phone and call any of our team on 0871 250 1522.

Lashing Equipment
As the UK’s leading lifting equipment supplier we offer an extensive range of ratchet straps to suit your requirements. The ratchet straps available on offer include 5-Meter straps capable of lifting 1-Ton loads and 15-Meter straps that can tolerate 5 Tons of weight. Our equipment is suitable for tying down loads for jobs such as transportation over long distances and simply shifting from maybe one corner to the other.

Our ratchet straps offer numerous benefits starting from value for money. Employees who have plenty of experience in the lifting industry meaning they have the necessary knowledge to design top quality and durable products manufacture the equipment. In addition, judging by our competitive pricing it is apparent we do not compromise product quality with price. Integrity is a highly regarded internal value at Lifting Equipment Online; we want all of our customers to receive the best prices possible on superior quality ratchet straps.

We stock a wide variety of lifting slings suitable to use in any lifting tasks. The lifting slings stock available here includes heavy-duty equipment that can tolerate large industrial weights of up to 8Tons. We have slings that are both flat and round as we are aware not all customers have the same needs. Our 50-year experience in the lifting equipment industry enables us to provide products of unrivalled quality to customers across the UK.

As a company that takes ethical practises seriously, we make sure our slings are all designed to conform to current industrial standards and ensure your working environment is safe when you use our equipment. The lifting slings we provide all have clearly written labelling that details work load limits and the particular sling’s specification. This is to ensure you purchase the correct equipment for the jobs you are carrying out mainly for safety purposes and to eliminate the likelihood of product damage.

Rigging & Loose Gear
When you purchase rigging gear from Lifting Equipment Online, you do not only buy the product but the quality also. In our 50 years of experience, we have perfected our rigging gear to beat the competition through quality control and enhancing product durability. The equipment on offer has extremely long product lifespan as professionals who have an in-depth knowledge about the lifting industry requirements design them.

Here at Lifting Equipment Online we have a strict safety policy on all of our products including the rigging gear to ensure employers meet health and safety regulations when using our equipment. We make sure all the gear exceeds the legislative requirements such as the limit of the load tolerated by the rigging gear and clear product identification to eradicate any chances of using the wrong equipment. Stringent testing and product certification are also part of the thorough input invested into designing the products to higher than average standards.


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