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Richard Bailey
22 High Street
County Derbyshire
DE74 2DA

About Floorwise Group Ltd

Floorwise - the flooring professionals
The Floorwise branded range of products has developed an enviable reputation for quality and value. Linked to our unique distribution network, the group continues to grow in strength by offering retailers, contractors and professional fitters an added-value service.

With its continued development policy, Floorwise are constantly evolving ranges to keep pace with changing interior design styles, whilst striving to satisfy the installation needs of professional fitters and contractors.

The comprehensive portfolio of Floorwise products encompasses the whole spectrum of flooring accessories, including underlay, adhesives and screeds, entrance matting, gripper, profiles, stair nosings, pvc skirting and flooring installation tools.

Having supplied the flooring industry with quality products for decades, Floorwise has become a name synonymous with reliability, efficient service and, ultimately, fantastic results, making the brand the go-to choice for many retailers, contractors and fitters, time and time again.

  • Underlay - Floorwise produces a wide range of quality underlays which deliver varying levels of performance. You will find foam, rubber and felt underlays suitable for every type of carpet, and super high density sound reducing rubber underlays for wood & laminate flooring. We even have underlays specifically for use with Underfloor heating.

  • Gripper - Floorwise supplies a wide range of gripper to aid the stretch fitting of carpets. Prenailed to suit different sub floors, the gripper is also available in different pin heights so you can best match to the carpet backing and underlay thickness.

  • Profiles - Providing that finishing touch for all types of floor coverings, Floorwise profiles are made to highest standards. Crafted from premium quality metals, our profiles are easy to handle and deliver long lasting use. Wrapped in protective film to keep damage and unsightly scratches at bay, Floorwise profiles possess quality at every turn.

  • Tools - Floorwise sells the world’s best tools, selected for functionality, practicality and long lasting quality. Tools that provide the maximum assistance to professional floor fitters.

  • Stair Nosings, PVC Skirting, Trims & Profiles - Like all products bearing the Floorwise brand name, our stair nosings, PVC profiles, skirting & trims are manufactured to the highest quality standards, made to deliver long lasting performance.

  • Matting
  • Adhesives & Screed
  • Tapes

Reviews & Testimonials for Floorwise Group Ltd

5 star review
June 01, 2016
Interiors Monthly Award Winners 2016 - Flooring Distributor
Testimonial by
Interiors Monthly
Floorwise Group Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


Pro-Screed Gold promotion

To celebrate the launch of our Pro-Screed Gold versatile 2 part leveller; you now have the chance to win big with a fantastic promotion on Twitter and Facebook, as well as get your hands on a free trowel at participating distributors!

Pro-Screed Gold is a high-quality powder and latex liquid system that combines to make the go-to levelling and smoothing choice. Suitable for use over DPMs, as well as most UFH systems and old adhesive residues, the system is not only versatile, but great value too. Check out details of how to win and Apple iPad and claim your free trowel here!
A Tape to Stand the Heat with Floorwise

Manufactured in the UK, heat seaming tapes from floorwise deliver reliability and quality from every roll; a reassuring choice that won’t let you down when it counts the most.

Featuring a woven scrim with a high-quality glass fibre weft and polyester warp, floorwise tapes deliver maximum bond strength and stability for reliable seaming. Available for a range of carpet backings and traffic duties, these tapes provide a seam strength in excess of British Standards.

“Even something so apparently simple as seaming tape needs to be carefully considered to make sure it delivers a reliable bond time after time.” Explains Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. “We’ve made sure our heat seam tapes deliver reliability so that fitters can be confident that seams, a notorious failure point, are as strong as they can be. Of course, in usual floorwise fashion, our tapes deliver excellent value, making them a must-have inclusion in every carpet fitter’s tool box.”

Highlights include the heavy-duty Supreme Gold F391 and Super LT, a tape designed especially for low temperature bonding. Delivering best-in-class performance, these tapes are available at floorwise distributors throughout the UK and Ireland.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
Diamond Gripper holds top spot

It’s no surprise that Diamond Gripper remains the go-to gripper product for installers up and down the country, with floorwise sticking to its ethos of quality and value in every accessory brought to market.

Offering exceptional hold thanks to extra width and an increased number of zinc-coated rust-resistant pins, this product is certainly worthy of its place in the versatile floorwise product portfolio. Diamond Gripper, available in pre-nailed options for concrete, wood and dual-purpose, offers assured performance that surpasses the competition, the additional width also helping to speed up projects with reduced chance of damage to walls and skirting.

Richard Bailey, Managing Director, floorwise, explains:

“We’ve seen a number of imitations come onto the market in recent months, but it’s worth emphasising that none can match the value that Diamond Grippers brings with its impressive specification. Diamond Gripper is not only easy to work with, it also offers reassurance that stretch-fit installations will be a success at the very first attempt.

“We’ve also noticed a swell in the amount of thin gripper options available at the lower end of the market, with a reduced ply and pin height that can spell trouble for installations using 10mm underlay or thicker. Inferior grippers result in inefficient use of resources, and can even mean a second call-out to site, but in Diamond Gripper installers have the opportunity to avoid such pitfalls, saving both time and money.”

The perfect partner for five-metre wide and power stretching installations, Diamond Gripper is available now through floorwise distributors across the UK and Ireland.

For further information on these and other great flooring installation products contact floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
Floorwise Pro-Screed Sets the Gold Standard

A champion of high-level performance, versatility and value for money, Pro-Screed Gold is the latest two-part levelling and smoothing compound from floorwise, the screed and adhesive experts.

High quality powder and latex liquid combine to make Pro-Screed Gold the go-to bag and bottle levelling and smoothing choice, this product’s far-reaching credentials making it the ideal companion to installers who demand nothing but the best. With Pro-Screed Gold there is no need to prime, meaning installers can reduce time spent on-site, with rapid setting and excellent flow properties also adding to the product’s ease of use.

“An unbeatable combination of performance and versatility has already seen Pro-Screed Gold become a customer favourite,” explains Richard Bailey, Managing Director, floorwise. “But it is a 90-minute setting time that sets Pro-Screed Gold apart, saving installers the precious commodity of time whatever they may face upon arrival at a site.”

Pro-Screed Gold can be used over old adhesive residue to again increase the speed of a job, and is compatible with underfloor heating systems. floorwise’s latest two-part levelling and smoothing compound is also moisture tolerant, ensuring an installation of supreme quality no matter the condition of the subfloor, and even when the presence of a DPM is lacking.

Meeting the performance levels of the very best competition in the market, Pro-Screed Gold lives up to its name in helping to provide gold standard installations, and is available from floorwise distributors throughout the UK and Ireland now.

For further information on these and other great flooring installation products contact floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
Style and Panache grace the floorwise range

Floorwise has added two High Density underlays to its extensive product offering in Style and Panache. These luxury rated qualities are packed full of the expertise and know-how that have helped cement the brand as one of the country’s premier underlay suppliers.

“We’re delighted to present installers with our latest in underlay, taking the far-reaching floorwise portfolio to new levels,” explains Richard Bailey, Managing Director. “Style (8mm) and Panache (10mm) both make for a versatile choice, and through their hardwearing resilience are suitable for use in any room of the home. Panache is particularly suited to bedrooms and living rooms, with extra cushioning comfort provided.

“Whatever the choice, the installer is guaranteed exceptional value resulting from the use of highest quality materials and processes. These underlays ensure performance requirements are met, and in many cases exceeded, with a higher density that means better long term recovery.”

Both Style and Panache help to reduce the impact of high footfall that a carpet endures, prolonging life and helping to absorb signs of wear. Style and Panache also bring warmth and comfort, while efficiently absorbing sound in busy family homes.

Also upgraded for Autumn 2016 are Traffic (9mm) and Maxi (11mm) underlays, with a new improved specification that delivers much better performance. Traffic and Maxi now hold an Enhanced High Density construction that includes 30% more foam to combat high levels of traffic, and like Style and Panache, offer the end user warmth, comfort and sound reduction. These new underlays are available from floorwise distributors right across the UK and Ireland.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
Essential value from floorwise

Through new introductions Essentials 8 and Essentials 10, floorwise is extending its versatile product offering with Medium Density underlays that are produced right here in the UK for quality assurance.

Credentials include excellent warmth and comfort, coupled with outstanding sound absorption, making Essentials suitable for use throughout the home. Choose Essentials 8 (8mm) for good performance at entry-level, or for even better comfort look to Essentials 10 (10mm) and its additional thickness, both options produced using recyclable material for an added sustainable touch.

Essentials underlay is produced right here in the UK using combustion modified foam, avoiding certain pitfalls that can plague sub-standard imports from the Far East and beyond. Essentials, like any floorwise product, is fully fit for purpose, easy to cut and consistent in quality of output.

Richard Bailey, Managing Director, floorwise, comments:

“These floorwise introductions make UK manufactured underlay more accessible than ever before. The end user deserves UK levels of reliability without compromising on the value offered, and Essentials is able to provide just this with two underlays that extend a carpet’s lifespan at a competitive price point. We expect Essentials to perform well in the coming months, particularly when uncertainty surrounding import prices is taken into account.”

Essentials underlays, available from distributors across the UK and Ireland, form just part of what is an extensive floorwise portfolio. No matter the requirements of the homeowner, floorwise is able to provide a solution that meets every credential specified; whether bouncebackability, comfort or price point are prioritised, floorwise products will always provide excellent value from entry through to luxury level.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
floorwise unveils “How to” video series

Recognising the importance of video in the promotion of brand and product, floorwise introduces its first series of installation videos, as it explains how to install carpet in a range of real world scenarios.

Calling upon the expertise of independent flooring fitter, Justin Burns, of Battle, East Sussex, each of the three videos are designed to demonstrate the versatility and diversity of the floorwise product portfolio, while educating interested parties on how they can be used and revealing some very helpful hints along the way.

Asked to carry out three installations, each with different requirements, Justin chose a number of fit-for-purpose products from the floorwise stable, and through the three videos, explains how and why he uses each.

“How to install carpet in a master bedroom”, “How to install carpet stair runners” and “How to install carpet in a living room over underfloor heating”, Justin explains how using floorwise products, such as grippers, profiles, adhesives and specialist underlays help with the installation and improve the final end results.

Richard Bailey, Managing Director, floorwise, explains the reasons behind the new video project:

“For a couple of years we have seen the use of video take off in our sector. You cannot fail to miss the numerous installation videos that are currently on YouTube, so for a number of months now we have been planning our own.

We understand that many installers have their own techniques and were keen not to dictate the way our fitter installed the floor. We wanted a series that allowed creative freedom, but one that would be educational and also show how some of our floorwise products are used in the real world. We hope that these videos will be widely welcomed and used by the industry, and look forward to inducing the next series in the near future.”

To see the videos search for the floorwise video channel on YouTube.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
A sound choice in underlay with floorwise

Used under wood and laminate flooring, the Acoustica underlay collection from floorwise helps to combat noise, one of the biggest flooring-related concerns facing specifiers and homeowners today.

Using a dense rubber construction, Acoustica not only helps to combat the sound of footfall (impact noise) but also airborne sound, helping to make homes and commercial spaces quieter and more comfortable. Available in Silver (2mm) and Gold (3mm) and new Acoustica Gold Supreme (3.5mm) specifications, the underlays are available from floorwise distributors throughout the UK and Ireland.

“The introduction of Acoustica Gold Supreme demonstrates the growing interest in making homes and commercial spaces quieter when using wood and laminate flooring,” says Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise.

“Using a premium dense rubber crumb construction with a built-in moisture barrier, Gold Supreme delivers exceptional sound-insulating performance creating a noticeable difference in real-world scenarios. With increasing focus and tightening regulations on sound in buildings, the Acoustica underlay series can make a huge difference without having to resort to special acoustic flooring systems.”

While initially developed for wood and laminate flooring, the dense rubber sponge Acoustica Silver and Acoustica Gold underlays are ideal for use with click-system LVTs, combatting sound and helping to smooth out subfloor irregularities, relieving stress on locking profiles. All underlays are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
A fix for any occasion thanks to floorwise

When it comes to ticking all the right boxes, floorwise has it nailed, glued, stapled and tacked thanks to one of the UK’s best collections of floorcovering accessories. From adhesives and gripper to heat seam tape, hammer tackers, staples and staplers, floorwise delivers great value, but most important of all, reliability that simply won’t let you down.

Using only best quality materials, the floorwise collection has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results in every situation. Such quality leaves an impression long after the job is over as Richard Bailey, managing director, explains:

“When it comes to satisfaction and getting that all important repeat business, it’s not just the last day of the job that matters, but those days and months afterwards where problematic installations and faults can leave a bitter taste in the mouth on both sides. Here at floorwise we make sure that our products are not only great value, but above all else are completely reliable. Flooring installers can use products bearing our name with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that they will not lift, peel, fail or give way.”

Products such as F599 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive, F576 Ultra Fast Set MS Polymer Floor Fix, Diamond Gripper and F333 Heat Seam Tape are installer van essentials, always ready to take up the fixing challenge ahead. Giving maximum hold, grip and security no matter what the situation, these floorwise favourites; along with many other tools, underlays and accessories are all available from floorwise trade counters throughout the UK and Ireland.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
Gripping stuff from floorwise

Almost legendary in status, Diamond Gripper delivers superior hold in residential and commercial locations thanks to its extra-width and increased number of zinc-coated rust-resistant pins.

Available in pre-nailed options for concrete, wood and dual-purpose, Diamond Gripper is great at delivering stability in a wide range of conditions and is made to a far higher standard than many other grippers, a fact not to be overlooked:

“The quality of accessories you choose can be the difference between a good or a great installation so we would always recommend Diamond Gripper for fitters wanting the very best end result,” says Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. “Easier to work with, longer lasting and with a better hold, the superiority of Diamond Gripper is clear to see.”

Wider than standard, Diamond Gripper also helps to reduce accidental damage to walls and skirtings when nailing to make for faster installation. This extra width is also great for five-metre wide and power stretching installations too, holding tight and fast thanks to the increased number of high quality pins.

Diamond Gripper can be found at trade counters at floorwise distributors across the UK and Ireland, packaged to ensure each section arrives in perfect condition, ready to give a lasting hold in all carpet installations.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
An enduring choice with floorwise rubber crumb underlay

With Endura and Optima, floorwise has swept-up rubber crumb underlay, providing commercial locations with lasting durability and impressive performance.

Featuring floorwise’s proprietary UHD+ density, Optima (8mm) and Endura (6.75mm) provide unmatched recovery rates thanks to the very best in materials and construction, promising supreme all-round performance. Helping to combat noise, offering better underfoot comfort, creating warmer rooms and prolonging carpet life, these underlays make perfect sense in a range of commercial environments. Meeting all relevant BS standards, Endura and Optima are stretch and double-stick compatible, with the latter particularly suitable for large commercial and corporate spaces:

“Our Optima underlay is not only incredibly tough, but it helps to reduce sound by 31dB too making it a great choice in multi-use hospitality areas such as those in stadiums, conference centres and hotels. In fact, any public or private space that demands first-class performance and underfoot luxury from carpet would be wise to opt for Optima.” Explains Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise.

Endura offers a solution that’s ideal for use when the situation isn’t quite so demanding, but with a Heavy Contract Use rating it is still great for environments wanting a newly-installed carpet to provide maximum return. Made from recycled car tyres, rubber crumb underlays offer the best in contract performance and floorwise has developed a unique composition that gives more performance per pound, ensuring that Endura and Optima are the ultimate in performance underlays.

A favourite among specifiers and installers around the country, Endura and Optima are available through floorwise trade counters right across the UK and Ireland.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
The ultimate in underlay performance

floorwise has introduced two high performance underlays in SHD+ specification to bring homes the ultimate in lasting performance and recovery.

In Allure, homeowners can enjoy the luxury of an 11mm recycled polyurethane foam underlay that will deliver exceptional underfoot comfort throughout the home, even in busy living spaces where enduring recovery is vital in lasting performance. With a new and improved non-woven fleece backing that adds extra stability, there is no doubting that Allure is a premium underlay for demanding situations. Contributing to increased carpet life, keeping rooms warmer and providing excellent sound absorption, Allure is available now.

Again enjoying the recovery and durability advantages of Super Heavy Density Plus (SHD+), Verve delivers a nine-mm thick recycled polyurethane underlay that provides a great all-round choice for homes wanting a quality option. Breathing extra life into carpet, Verve delivers comfort for years and helps to make for a warmer and quieter home. With a new and improved non-woven fleece backing to provide extra stability, Verve can be enjoyed right away at floorwise distributors across the country.

Both underlays are made in the UK and can be fully recycled at the end of their long life. Guaranteed for the lifespan of all types of carpet, Allure and Verve exceed all BS standards.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
A grip on quality with floorwise

Known for delivering quality and value across one of the broadest selections of flooring accessories available in the UK, floorwise has seen growth in its gripper business, with products such as Diamond Gripper proving one of the company’s key sales successes for 2015.

Providing carpet installers with high quality gripper that returns to the superiority of old, Diamond Gripper features an increased number of pins across its length, giving better stability and improved hold. The extra width of the gripper also helps to prevent accidental damage to walls and skirting when nailing, making installation a less fussy proposition.

“The growth in our gripper business demonstrates that installers are returning to better quality gripper as they appreciate the advantages it brings,” comments Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. “Nowadays, more and more carpet is available in five-metre widths, so it’s important that the gripper can cope with the extra stresses and strains a wider carpet brings. The greater number of pins and nails on Diamond Gripper makes it better for power stretching installations too, so it is the ideal product for any fitter’s toolkit.”

Diamond Gripper is joined by the Premium Gripper collection, which provides installers with a versatile and value-driven range of gripper. Including options for wood and concrete floors, as well as stick-down options, the Premium Gripper collection comes in medium pin and long pin varieties. Both Diamond Gripper and Premium Gripper are available from floorwise stockists across the UK and Ireland.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email
Get a nosing ahead of the competition with floorwise

For contractors and installers always on the go, the ‘floorwise stairnosings PVC profiles skirtings & trims’ folder is a great way to finding the right solution in a broad range of commercial environments.

Featuring samples of all available standard and heavy duty aluminium stairnosings, the Q range of stairnosings, stair edge trims and profiles in aluminium and PVC, the sample folder makes it easy to make specification choices on site, helping to cut down working times. Alongside, features the full range of PVC skirtings, cove formers, capping strips, edges, flexible trims, profiles and expansion joints. Including sit-on and set-in skirting variants, as well as combined cove former and capping strips, the folder is a comprehensive answer to most requirements.

Featuring colour reference charts the folder demonstrates the ability of floorwise to find contractors a reliable, fast and value-driven answer to their installation requirements.

“The sample folder typifies our approach to providing contractors with a broad range of high-quality solutions,” comments Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. “With metal and PVC profiles made in the UK, contractors and fitters can be assured of great quality and with everything bearing the floorwise name, the range is excellent value and easily accessible from the floorwise network that stretches right across the UK and Ireland.”

The ‘floorwise stairnosings PVC profiles skirtings & trims’ sample folder is available from your local floorwise distributor and is a great reference for any contractor or installer looking to make a fast decision on the correct profile for the application at hand.

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email

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