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Mr Aaron McCreanor
78 Lisnagade Road
County County Down
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Northern Ireland

About IMC Glass

Low Sight Line Slim Double Glazed Units
IMC Glass has invested in the design and manufacture of these specialist slim double glazed units that satisfy the requirements of a low sight line to be fitted in traditional timber frames.

It is no longer necessary to expect people who live in old buildings not to optimise their insulation. This product provides the alternative to turning up the heating and allows people to live more comfortably in older properties. The Slim Glaze uses the latest in warm edge spacer technology. It is physically smaller than a contemporary spacer bar and more attractive. It allows the perimeter margin to be kept to a minimum, so it can be glazed in traditional glazing rebates.

The double glazing has a perimeter seal from the edge of the glass to the inside of the spacer bar of 7 mm + or - 1 mm. Units can also range from 11 mm to 16 mm in overall thickness. Large panes up to 1 m2 can only be manufactured using 4 mm spacer; for panes over 1 m2, please increase the cavity to 6 m or 8 m, depending upon the size of the unit required.

Slim Glaze Benefits
  • Low Sight Line
    Slim Glaze double glazing has a perimeter seal from the edge of the glass to inside of spacer bar of around 7 mm.

  • Suitable For Old Buildings
    Can be easily fitted into traditional timber frames.

  • Minimises Condensation
    Slim Glaze double glazed units will slow down the point where dew point is reached.

  • Thermally Efficient
    U-values as low as 1.2 on a 6 mm cavity and 1.1 on an 8 cavity.
What Does Slim Glaze Mean?
Slim Glaze is just our product name for slim double glazed units. Other names for such products available on the market include Slimline, Ultra-thin, Slender Pane, Slimlite, Thin Seal, Slim Unit and Slender Thin Unit.

How It Works
Conventional double glazing consists of two glass panes placed up to 20 mm apart, with the cavity between the panes filled with either dry air or an inert gas such as argon. This gas reduces heat transfer through the glass due to its lower thermal conductivity. The wider the gap between the panes, the lower the heat transfer, up to an optimum level above which circulation patterns in the gas reduce the benefit.


Argon has a thermal conductivity 67 percent that of air, krypton has about half the conductivity of argon, while Xenon is even more so.

These gases are used because they are non-toxic, clear, odourless, chemically inert. So by using Krypton or Xenon in our Slim Glaze units, we can greatly reduce the centre pane U-value, meaning that you will get the very best in heat retention while keeping the overall thickness of the unit thin.

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The IMC Decorative Glass Range
Our decorative glass range is a new concept of bevelled glass shapes that add a richness and depth to windows, make your house look special. You can mix and match different styles to suit your personal taste.

Our designs are suitable for any type of window. The range consists of traditional, modern and contemporary styles, and comprises state-of-the-art materials to create eye-catching effects that stay looking great for years to come. In addition to our range of lead and glass bevel designs, we can also offer a sandblasting service to meet any requirements you might have.

We Deliver Across Ireland & The UK
We currently have deliveries in Dublin and Northern Ireland on a regular basis, but can accommodate anywhere in the UK and Ireland using our connections in the courier trade.

For more information, please contact us!


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