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Penetron can be added to batch concrete or surface applied to fabricated, solid and reinforced concrete becoming an integral part of the concrete, forming a complete body of strength and durability. Penetron's waterproofing and chemical resistance properties remain intact even if the concrete surface is damaged. Penetron is non-toxic and can be used in potable water applications where strict drinking water quality is required. Penetron cannot delaminate, be punctured, abraded or come apart at the seams. Penetron eliminates or reduces the cost of installation labor and is less expensive than traditional waterproofing.

Penetron products are self-healing, in the absence of moisture Penetron components lie dormant, should moisture recur at any time the self-healing process resumes automatically and advances even deeper into the concrete.

The Concrete Solution

Porous and Full of Cracks
Concrete is essentially a hard, porous matrix often subject to cracking. This makes it easy for water to seep in through pores, micro-cracks and capillary tracts. The result is a wide range of problems that damage the concrete or the underlying reinforcing steel. This can dramatically compromise the strength, durability and lifespan of concrete.

Extending concrete life span
Using an integral waterproofing solution improves concrete durability and reduces permeability. This added protection also helps eliminate a number of potential issues that can seriously compromise and deteriorate the structure.

The science behind PENETRON
A micro solution for a macro problem. Water and water–borne contaminants penetrate concrete mainly through capillary absorption and hydrostatic pressure; countering this problem demands a “molecular level” solution. Our PENETRON crystalline waterproofing technology was developed and optimized over many years through careful micro engineering.

Waterproofing of the whole mass of fabricated and solid concrete and reinforced concrete structures of M100 grade and higher, surfaces and plaster layers made of M150 or higher grade cement-sand slurry.

Waterproofing of cracks, seams (without deformation), joints, couplings, junctions, service line entries in fabricated and solid concrete structures bearing static loads.

Penebar SW-45
Unique sealing compound designed to expand rapidly when exposed to moisture making it a self-healing joint material for construction joint applications.

Penetron Admix
Waterproofing of the whole mass of fabricated and solid concrete and reinforced structures/products at the stage of concrete casting/manufacturing.

Rapid setting, integral crystalline cementitious waterstop designed to stop active water leaks and moisture ingress.

Typical Usage
Penetron should be applied to concrete or block structures exposed to potential water or chemical attack, thus requiring permanent waterproofing and protection. Its applicability to either the positive side (side exposed to water) or negative side (side opposite water) meets all waterproofing requirements. Examples include:
  • Drinking Water Reservoirs
  • Sewage and water treatment tanks
  • Aquariums
  • Tunnels
  • Foundations
  • Elevator shafts
  • Underground vaults
  • Industrial installations
  • Parking decks and structures
  • Traffic bearing structures
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Basements
  • Concrete roofs
  • Bathrooms
  • Secondary containment structures
  • Subway systems
  • Foundations
  • Parking
  • Waterproof Concrete
  • Swimming Pools
  • Pre-cast components

The Penetron chemicals penetrate into the capillary tracts of the concrete by pressure of osmosis, Brownian movement and dry particle reactions.

The active ingredients of Penetron react with various concrete minerals forming insoluble crystals which fill out cracks, pores and voids up to a width of at least 400 microns. This crystalline growth will eventually take place deep inside the concrete structure and has been found as deep as nearly 1 meter from the point of application.

Water molecules (and a wide range of chemicals) are no longer able to pass through the concrete. However, air can still pass allowing the concrete to breathe and avoiding vapor pressure to build. In the absence of further moisture, Penetron components lie dormant. Should moisture recur at any time, the sealing process resumes automatically and advances into the concrete.

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