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Welcome to Airsculpt – Designers and Architects of Tensile Fabric Structures

Airsculpt Limited has over 30 years' experience in the design, engineering and construction of fabric architecture. Our expertise covers products such as state of art tensile membrane architectural structures for the construction industry, stretched ceilings and sculptured acoustic solutions for interior designers, through to inflatable exhibition structures and artistic installations for event and marketing professionals.

We are experts in fabric architecture.

With renowned in-house designers and structural engineers, including a dedicated European manufacturing facility specialising in fabric engineering, tensile membrane architecture, acoustic materials, aeronautical (aerostat) production as well as metal fabrication; our understanding of fabric architecture is only surpassed by our passion for exceptional customer services and cost effective, innovative solutions.

Commercial Awnings Canopies & Gazebos

Airsculpt has been building and installing commercial awnings, canopies, umbrellas, walkways and fabric gazebos for Bars, Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants for over 15 years. Our engineers are able to build and install specifically towards the clients’ individual needs; giving our customers the options to request particular trussing, fabrics, colours, design and branding options. Our awning and commercial umbrella styles and options include wall mounted folding arm, fabric roof terrace awnings, conservatory awnings, as well as butterfly folding umbrella systems. All are built to meet EU building regulations and surpass all appropriate commercial health & safety remits.

Our tensile fabric canopy, walkway and gazebo range offers both flexibility and design flair. With a myriad of design potentials and frame materials on offer, we are able to provide a bespoke design and engineering service second to none.

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Membrane Structures

Airsculpt’s membrane steel and aluminium framed structures offer incredible flexibility and cost savings. With ridged frame engineering, wrapped with quality fabric membrane, 100% of the interiors space can be utilised; making them ideal for Sports Halls, Recreational Facilities, Storage Facilities, Riding Arenas, Warehousing or Agricultural Buildings.

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Internal Sails, Shades and Blinds

Airsculpts’ stretched or static fabric internal sail shades and blinds provide fantastic visual impact, protection and design status. With over 20 colours of fabrics available, we can provide a range of standard shapes and sizes, or designs to your own individual pattern; providing you with a completely unique and personalised solution. Our use of quality stretched fabrics with superior embedded weaving means we are able to offer some truly amazing designs, mirrored with an excellent lifespan.

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Stretch Ceiling

Airsculpt’s Interior division provides a professional and renowned design, engineering and installation service for stretched ceilings, stretched wall coverings, suspended ceilings and bespoke architectural interiors.

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Introducing Sails, Shades and Blinds - Designer Lifestyle Shading

Bespoke designer shade sails, conservatory sails and shading, garden sails, shade for garden, sun sails and indoor shade sails engineered to UK building codes.

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Tensile Membrane and Facades – Asia.

Even flying into Thailand, interest in Tensile Membrane and Facades in Asia is undeniable. The Suvarnabhumi Airport, with its 108 membrane bays greets passengers as they fly into Bangkok. The Airport’s tensile roof is designed with structural elements and bays placed in a cantilevered, wavelike form that appear to float over the concourse beneath. Moving up through Thailand to its Golden Triangle, we see the use of tensile membranes in the Four Seasons Hotel, as they elegantly cover terraces and blend seamlessly into their jungle surroundings. Heading further north into China, the designs are substantially more ambitious. The fantastic Shanghai International Circuit is a striking feat of tensile architecture. Its leaf like membrane canopies covering the 200,000 spectators that can be seated below them.

The Far East has been making significant use of tensile architecture, noticing and employing the benefit of it unparalleled design flexibility, cost affectivity and energy efficiencies. The Asian and Australasian markets are the center of the global explosion of tensile architecture construction, and this is why Airsculpt are excited to introduce the opening of our new Bangkok branch this May.

New Bangkok based Asian Office

After numerous visits to various parts of the continent, Airsculpt saw the rapidly expanding market and knew that Bangkok was the place to be. The global market size by value of ETFE was estimated to be $462.14 million in 2014 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of about 9.91% between 2014 and 2019. Airsculpt have taken on the strategy of capturing the rapidly increasing market in developing countries and neighboring Asian giants, China and Japan.

Aside from the North American region, Asia is the fastest-growing segment of the global ETFE market. The growth in this market has been a knock on effect from large investments in the automotive, building and construction and good and appliances industries’.

In our new Bangkok office we are ideally placed to oversee the Asian market. Thailand’s government has made a strong commitment to upgrading its infrastructure, and Airsculpt are excited to be a part of this growth. With nearby Indonesia and Malaysia making the most of tensile architecture, we are situated in the very place to easily access these markets. In Indonesia the construction economy is forecast to grow to the fifth largest in the world before 2025, while its housing market will become the third largest in the world over that period, overtaking the US. The construction market in Mayalsia in 2016 is envisaged to expand at over 10.7%.

Looking for Partnerships in Asia

With an ambitious growth strategy in the offing and plans for the set up and procurement of production facilities for ETFE, PVC and PTFE in Asia, Airsculpt is happy to discuss potential partnerships and business alliances with companies operating within the construction industry of Asia. We have been watching the construction in
Sky Q box Interactive Digital Tensile Membrane

We are proud to at last be able to share the project that we have spent the last 6 months dedicating the vast majority of our time to. Although smaller in stature than we are normally used to, this Sky Q box Interactive Digital Tensile Membrane project was incredibly complex, and Airsculpt were chosen to develop the design concept, fabricate, engineer and install an interactive experience that is now in pride of place in the O2 and Westfield. Airsculpt helped to create and deliver a unique and innovative interactive brand experience, to promote Sky and the launch of their new offering – the Sky Q box.

From concept to completion, Airsculpt were involved in developing each stage of the process. Working with Onedotzero and their software and IT partners from day one, our experienced architects and designers were able to lead the project to its completion, under incredibly tight timelines, and with a brief that was constantly evolving. Our expertise in all areas meant that this project was able to be achieved, and within the immovable deadlines which we were working to, this was certainly a challenge at points!

With the assistance of the experiential marketing company’s visual brief and after intensive design evolution and project development, Airsculpt helped turn the project from visual concept to a physical reality. Airsculpt designed not only the steel works, the timber carcasses, the lighting and of course the elasticated membrane, but we also held shaped the brief into a functional reality, with a flawless finish.

Design Engineering

Airsculpt produced three separate versions of interactive digital membrane experiences, with interactive photo booths to capture the participant’s information. Behind the interactive digital membrane sat bespoke kinetix technology and powerful projectors – projecting ‘fluid imagery’ onto the digital membrane. In ‘play mode’ users were able to manipulate by touch the projected imagery across the elasticated membrane. The experience went one step further in ‘screen to screen’ mode. When holding a tablet near the digital membrane, users were able to move and flick the fluid imagery from one screen to the next. The portrait photo booths enabled participants to have fluid image montages to be taken and then directly emailed to them to keep.

Interactive Digital Tensile Membranes

Airsculpt produced a fluidly designed and LED back lit structure which spanned the length of the upper parts of the Sky Studios at the O2. At the entrance to these Sky Studios we installed another fluidly designed and back lit structure, which echoed the upper parts and once again gave users the chance to be interactively involved in the project. We installed a freestanding static structure into Sky’s Iconic Store at Westfield London. This structure was a double sided digital membrane with two fluid portrait booths, enabling simulations multiple experiential participation. Finally Airsculpt d

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Tensile Fabric Structures, ETFE, etfe, tensioned fabric architecture, Stadium & Arena Roofing Membranes, Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene, Entrance Canopies, awnings, tension fabric design, Membrane Wrapped Buildings, Sports Halls and Recreation Buildings, Stretched ceilings,stadium facades
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