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Cumbrian Storage Ltd

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Norman Vernon
Sites 1 and 2 Prince of Wales Dock
County Cumbria
CA14 1BN

About Cumbrian Storage Ltd

Cumbrian Storage Ltd is a leading independent supplier of specialist storage and material handling solutions for the fuels, chemical and bulk liquids sectors. We offer an extensive range of facilities such as logistics and management services and handling of waste and product status materials to meet virtually any industry requirements.

We also have a wealth of engineering expertise to upgrade, expand and construct facilities within our own terminals and at customers’ sites, and can design and install advanced automation systems for stock management and road loading.

Cumbrian Storage serves major chemical and fuel requirements in the UK, focussed on the north of England & Scotland, ensuring easy access to major petrochemical and industrial complexes, plus road, rail and shipping routes for receipt and onward distribution of chemical products for clients involved in marketing and manufacturing throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our terminals are able to receive products in large shipments, by road, rail or tank container; we also offer bulk breaking and packaging solutions. Our facilities can accommodate a wide range of petroleum and chemical liquids which are used in a broad range of applications within the UK supply chain network.

The Facilities
Cumbrian Storage conducts safe and efficient facilities that can be provided for the storage and handling of hazardous materials. The facilities are tailor-made to address hazardous substances and their requirements or to specifications from the customer.

Available facilities include features such as chemical-resistant linings, inert gas blanketing, and heated facilities for molten products. Our facilities are audited and comply with regulatory requirements relating to the secure storage and handling of hazardous cargoes, including COMAH and has formerly had recognition of outstanding health and safety performance recognised by RoSPA.

Cumbrian Storage Services
Our facility at Workington is a regional terminal with full rail access and considerable space for the development of new capacity and additional services. The focus of the site today is predominantly petroleum, but it is equipped to handle a wide range of chemical products for redistribution in the north of England and southern Scotland.

Facilities / Services
  • 32,000 m³ storage tanks
  • Deep Water Berth (12,000 DWT)
  • Heated Tanks
  • Rail Access
  • Lined Tanks
  • Railhead
  • Land for expansion/projects
  • Distribution Services

The Rapier Group
Cumbrian Storage is part of the Rapier Group of companies. The group of companies operate with departmental responsibilities all supporting the main focus of providing both our suppliers and customers exceptional service and product standard. Our emphasis is focused on the provision of High Quality segregated recycled oils which have a range of use from Industrial Fuel Oil supplied within the latest legislative burning constraints, use as Recycled Fuel Oil within the Waste Incineration Directive, use as Re-Refinery Feedstock and Industrial Fuel for aggregate, cement or steel manufacturing. The Rapier Group has the analytical capability, process and storage capacity to ensure each product is produced to the highest standards.

We employ a long standing and highly experienced local workforce using best practice at all times. We have the flexibility and knowledge base specializing in hazardous material competency, project design and management offering bespoke solutions to all customers. Our facilities range from a lower tier Comah site status to High Temperature Vacuum Distillation and Mechanical Separation and Treatment capability. We work closely with authorities and agencies such as EA, SEPA, HSE, and FRS to ensure we are placed one step ahead in all aspects of our product and service offering.

Products & Services

2 acres of dockside laydown area


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Norman Vernon Business Development

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