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About D+H UK

We believe the comfort and safety of people in buildings is paramount. Our ventilation solutions deliver on every front, either using technically advanced control systems or an individual high quality product. Our expertise in direct supply, installation and commissioning, service, and planned preventative maintenance provides a comprehensive all-round service.

The greatest danger inside a building during a fire is the smoke and poisonous gases. In case of fire, an efficient D+H system reliably exhausts heat, smoke and toxic gasses out of the building. We can offer both Passive and Mechanical smoke ventilation solutions across a wide range of building types.

We follow a strict policy of providing best practice in the field of life-saving smoke ventilation solutions.

Whether the solution requires Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators (NSHEVs) or Powered SHEVs, D+H UK will provide fully certified products and systems.

D+H UK can offer multiple solutions to manage the supply and movement of fresh air within a building. Whether through operating a simple manually-controlled system, or by using our intelligent solutions for whole building control, we can create healthy living, working and learning environments.

Creating comfortable temperatures and good air quality is a challenge, especially in contemporary buildings. Limited air exchange, thermal loads increased by equipment and extensive glazing are all factors. Our natural ventilation solutions are able to overcome these issues and make it possible to control the indoor environment with ease.

Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System (MSVS) is an industry approved method to quickly clear smoke from protected lobbies and staircases.

MSVS is an alternative method of smoke ventilation as detailed in Approved Document B, BS9991:2015 and BS EN 12101.6

To ensure the “alternative method” is compliant, D+H UK recommend that MSVS is substantiated by a design report and calculation using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD).

D+H UK supply, install and commission mechanical smoke ventilation systems that are fully compliant with the detailed recommendations on the design of such systems in line with the Smoke Control Association’s publication – Guidance on Smoke Control to Common Escape Routes in Apartment Buildings.

whether you want products-only or full consultancy support.

Reviews & Testimonials for D+H UK

5 star review
February 12, 2024
Always have good experiences working with you. Great product and service as always. Thanks to Caroline and Nick for their help.
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5 star review
February 01, 2024
Good professional company
Testimonial by
Jeff B.
4 star review
August 11, 2022
Every contact I had was personally communicated and professional. My only delay was determining a delivery / installation but when progressed response was great
Testimonial by
Brian C.
5 star review
February 14, 2022
Engineer was very professional and friendly
Testimonial by
Roland C.
D+H UK. 4 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.


Maggie's Manchester

Recently, HM Queen Camilla opened Maggie’s Royal Free in London and we are proud to have been part of such an incredible building that will support so many people living with cancer.

Alongside OAG, we provided natural ventilation through electrical opening skylights, with a weather sensor override system. The control system is future-proof to allow the BMS to provide automatic operation for both comfort control and also night-time purge venting if required.

As well as being part of this project in London, this follows the Award-Winning and successful Maggie’s Manchester which opened back in 2016.

Read more about the work we’ve done with Maggie’s here:

Let’s Explore Our Case Studies.

D+H UK is your trusted partner for safeguarding against the effects of fire and with over 33 years of experience in the industry we are your credible and reliable partner for all your ventilation solutions.

We work across a variety of sectors including; education, office, residential, retail, transport and sports projects. We offer a range of products and services that you need for your ventilation systems and we can design, install and maintain these systems for years to come.

Case studies are a chance for us at D+H UK to show off what we’ve been working on, whether that’s car park ventilation, natural ventilation or mechanical smoke ventilation. They also serve several purposes across various fields:

Learning: They provide real-world examples to enhance understanding of concepts

Research: They enable in-depth investigation into specific areas

Problem Solving: They help to analyse challenges and create insights for decision-making

Marketing: They showcase success stories to show the value of our products

For more information about our products, please visit:

Follow us here:

D+H UK aiming high for 2024!

Smoke control and natural ventilation specialists D+H UK are looking to build on recent successes all around Greater Manchester, the North West and beyond.

The Stockport-based contractor is presently working on smoke control projects across a wide range of developments, such as the Stockport Interchange and the Watch Factory housing development in Prescot. Work is also due to start shortly on a new Extra-care scheme in Hattersley, near Stockport.

Not just content with new-build developments, D+H UK is growing an impressive portfolio of smoke and natural ventilation refurbishment works within the north-west and further afield.

They are presently on site installing replacement life-saving smoke vent systems at shopping centres in Bury and Birmingham, as well tower blocks in Leicester and installing new smoke vent louvres in Covent Garden.

Managing Director Jon Crossley said “D+H UK has constantly looked to work across diverse markets within property and construction. Our high levels of customer service have also helped us develop close working relationships with Housing Associations. This has provided a significant increase in our portfolio new service and maintenance contracts across the country”

Natural and Smoke Ventilation at The University of Salford’s state-of-the-art SEE Building

The University of Salford’s new Science, Engineering and Environment Building features testing and lab facilities, lecture theatres, study areas, offices, and a double-height workshop / testing facility. Large windows and an impressive atrium flood the spaces with natural light.

Modbus Enabled Window Drives
D+H UK supplied, installed and commissioned 411 chain drives and 143 lock drives. All drives are controlled via the Building Management System, utilising the inbuilt Modbus technology.

Modbus provides bi-directional communication on a single cable, significantly reducing wiring effort/cost.

Window Types
Side-hung and bottom-hung windows provide controlled day-to-day ventilation, bringing fresh clean air into the whole building.

29 of the windows are dual-purpose EN 12101-2 certified NSHEVs (Natural Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilators).

Lock drives are present within 143 windows located throughout the building, providing extra security through automated multi-point window locking.

A seamless window design has been achieved by matching RAL coloured drives and brackets with the window profiles.

Smoke Control
Two D+H multi-zone EN 12101-10 certified control panels operate all of the windows and ensure the NSHEVs operate in the event of a fire.

NSHEVs in the affected area will automatically open, drawing smoke and gasses out.

This system will keep escape and emergency routes clear, and provide smoke-free space for fire-fighting.

Natural Ventilation Operation
The movement of fresh, clean air vastly improves the quality of air throughout this spectacular educational facility.

These smart multi-purpose systems support the health, wellbeing and concentration of students and staff alike.
Staircase and corridor smoke ventilation within multi-purpose new build

18-22 Haverstock Hill is a new five storey building in Camden with ground floor retail space and four upper floors providing 29 apartments.

D+H UK provided a natural smoke ventilation system within the new building.

The communal staircase is ventilated at roof level via an NSHEV dome vent. This provides roof access when necessary, via a key-operated switch.

The corridors are ventilated via an internal smoke shaft, with inlet doors on each level (basement through to fifth floor). An NSHEV roof louvre sits at the head of the shaft.

Our CPS-M multizone-zone smoke ventilation control panel operates the system. RT 45 call point units are located on each floor.

In the event of a fire, the inlet door on the fire floor will open, along with the NSHEVs at the head of the shaft and staircase. All remaining shaft inlets will be locked in the closed position. This will draw the smoke up and out of the building, providing clear escape routes for residents and access for firefighters.


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D+H UK General Description

Natural and smoke ventilation has been our obsession for decades. Our appetite for innovation has taken us a long way.
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