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Martyn Walton
PO Box 18
WF14 0XB
England UK

About AJM Energy

The place for Industrial and Commercial ENERGY SAVING


Power Factor Correction:
The hidden cost of electricity supply: Return on investment usually less than 2 years.

Voltage regulation:
Well proven technology rediscovered: savings up to 20% are possible.

Powerboss motor optimiser:
Has the potential to save between 5 and 20% of the power being consumed by electric motors. Return on investment is usually less then 2 years

Energy Efficient Lighting:
Replacing old switch start fluorescent and high bay lighting: savings of between 20 and 50%, now 80% with LED's are possible

Soft Starters:
When starting electric motors the huge inrush current can be eliminated. We provide ready to go units, 3 wires in 3 wires out!

Sub Metering :
To monitor is to know. To know is to manage!

Energy Monitoring:
Contract monitoring of your electrical supply.

If this is your first venture into energy saving, a word before you start! - How will you know if changes are working? If you are not monitoring the power load, how can you manage it?

AJM Energy General Description

Energy Saving for Industry and Commerce energy savings, ac induction motors, Powerboss, soft starter, Fairford, inverter, variable speed drives, VSD. Energy saving for industrial and commercial premises, power smoothing voltage regulation commercial power conditioning
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