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Teach Macnadilla
Croghan, Boyle,

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LED Lighting reduces lighting cost by up to 85 % Take back money from your utility provider every time you switch on the light.

Six very good reasons to speak with LED Lighting Solutions today!

1. Your Key lighting issues identified
2. Infrastructure evaluated
3. Appropriate technology proposed
4. Product Supplied directly
5. Pre install support to installation team
6. Your requirements and needs are met to your satisfaction

Energy Efficiency equals Bigger Savings for your Business.
Bettter business means more revenue saved every month from efficient lighting.
Better act now and be the change to better your business. Make it happen today!
Discover how we are helping others save money in their business...

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Are all LED's the same?
LEDs come in different shapes and sizes differnet styles, customer different needs - One size does not fit all. The most likely cause of problems with cheaper LED lighting is heat. Inefficient cooling causes deterioration, dimming, discolouration and failure. Our LED lights are commercial grade, designed to radiate its heat away from the senitive lamp components - we call it thermal management. They last longer, and come with long guarantees to match. Have peace of mind with our commercially designed long life LED technologies and never look back again.

LED Lighting Efficiency
LED lighting efficiecies can be increased by incorporating lighting control such as On /Off sensored lightng, dual powered lighting, emergency lighting, daylight linking, occupancy sensors giving full brightness instantly as required, they can be directional, such as outdoor LED lighting which reduces light pollution. We offer a wide range of super efficient lighting for nursing homes, pharmacies, office, factory or warehouse, apartment blocks, car parking, shopping centres. Please contact us and talk to a friendly adviser who is happy to help with your light or request a site visit no obligation to purchase.

Customers are very happy on realising how much they really are saving when their first electricity bill arrives after installation of energy efficient lighting. Some say we thought 30 per cent saving would be nearer the mark but when the bills finally arrived "we could not believe our eyes it really is reduced by 70%. The look at their face say its all. Smiles all round. Its nice to provide our customers with real solutions to their every day needs without compromise."

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