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ASVS Ltd (Automatic Smoke Ventilation Systems)

ASVS Ltd (Automatic Smoke Ventilation Systems) Contact Details

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Dermot Ludlow
Unit W3B
Tougher Business Park
County Co. Kildare

About ASVS Ltd (Automatic Smoke Ventilation Systems)

Founded in 1989. First wholly owned Irish Company dedicated to providing solutions for the safe removal of smoke and hot gases from buildings in the event of a fire. Solutions incorporate turnkey systems using products to satisfy specific requirements.

System incorporate the use of the following exclusive products:
  • Natural Ventilators
  • Mechanical Ventilators(High Temperature Fans)
  • Motorised Controls
  • Impulse fans
  • Smoke Curtains
  • Fire Curtains
  • Access Hatches
  • Fixed Louvres


Our systems are designed in accordance with current procedures and where necessary verified by our own CFD modeling facilities.

Smoke Control Systems
For 25 years ASVS has supplied and certified a range of solutions to provide economical smoke control systems in the event of a fire. Our solutions ensure, by calculation, that the mass of smoke rising into the reservoir will be extracted quickly with the use of natural or mechanical ventilators at high level to achieve the designed clear layer.

When using natural ventilators the inherent buoyancy of smoke and hot gases drives the smoke through the ventilators. The dual role as day-to-day natural ventilators ensures that equipment is regularly tested, and the lack of any complicated fire-rated wiring and ductwork may produce a more economical fire protection system when compared to mechanical ventilators.

  • Natural Vents/Louvers
  • Natural Vents/ Casement
  • High Temperature Fans
  • Motorised Controls
  • Jet Impulse Fans
  • Smoke Fire Curtains
  • Access Hatches
  • Fixed Louvers

Car Park Ventilation
These kind of Car Parks, Bus Stations or Tunnel Roads are successfully ventilated using Impulse fans to direct fumes, and smoke from a fire to dedicated High Temperature Extract Fans. These types of systems require careful design considerations, backed up by the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling.

Our expertise is all in-house. Our turnkey solutions are backed up by our in house CFD modelling of our proposal and include the supply & Installation of:
  • High temperature Extract Fans
  • Attenuation systems for same
  • High temperature Jet directional fans
  • Carbon Monoxide detection system
  • Master Control Panel
  • All the wiring between our equipment and our Control Panel

CFD Modelling
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become an important tool in the study of air movement, particularly in an enclosed area. We use CFD in order to design and validate our proposal. At ASVS, we use dedicate codes for fire modelling created by the BRE, and also the FDS code with Smokeview to visualise smoke movement in a building in the event of a fire.

Each model perfectly reproduces the geometry and the physical properties of the project. A real time simulation is produced to show how the system will work in the event of a fire.

CPD Course
ASVS has pleasure in presenting a CPD course for Ventilation in Enclosed Car Parks.

Our course will provide you with up to date information about:
  • Car Park Types & their Ventilation Requirements
  • Impulse System Design
  • Extract System through a Shaft
  • CFD Modelling


Products & Services

CPD Course

CFD Modelling

Smoke Fire Curtains

Jet Impulse Fans

Natural Vents/ Casement

Natural Vents/Louvers

Fixed Louvres

Access Hatches

Fire Curtains

Smoke Curtains

Impulse fans

Motorised Controls

High Temperature Fans

Mechanical Ventilators

Natural Ventilators

Smoke Curtains

ASVS Ltd (Automatic Smoke Ventilation Systems) Serves The Following Areas

ASVS Ltd (Automatic Smoke Ventilation Systems) General Description

Natural Ventilators Mechanical Ventilators High Temperature Fans Motorised Controls Impulse fans Smoke Curtains Fire Curtains Access Hatches Fixed Louvres Natural Vents Natural Louvers Natural Vents Natural Casement Jet Impulse Fans Smoke Fire Curtains CFD Modelling CPD Course
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