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Z Stone®
Z Stone® is a revolutionary stone-cladding system available in Ireland and the UK exclusively from LBS. This exciting, easy-to-install, natural stone cladding system is extremely cost effective and comes in five striking natural slate and stone colours:

  • Penrhyn Bangor Blue Slate
    Penrhyn Bangor Blue Slate Z Stone® wall cladding uses real pieces of ‘Bangor Blue’ slate from our quarry in North Wales. Not only is the panel cost effective and easy to install, but the heather blue colouring is unique to the Bangor Blue brand.

    The Z Stone® panel will tie in beautifully to both contemporary and traditional builds alike. It can be used both internally within a property, and externally, as desired. The distinct Bangor Blue colour is highly sought after, and while many aspire to use Welsh Slate walling – the traditional stone pieces are not within their budget.

  • Black Slate
    The striking beauty of Black Slate Z Stone® instantly enhances any building. The purity of its simple, natural aesthetics lends itself to bold design statements both inside and out.

    While a natural, timeless and traditional product, Black Slate Z Stone® also has a modern edge, making it a popular choice for contemporary designs. Whether used in an urban or rural setting, this natural stone will ensure you create a building of distinction. Teamed with a natural slate roof, it immediately captures that elusive 'wow-factor' which is the hallmark of a good design.

  • Multi Slate
    The Multi-Slate Z Stone® with its harmonious blend of colours provides an inimitable style all of its own. A combination of different slates, in a variety of shades, have been brought together for maximum effect to create this unique product. A delicate blend of grey red and purple, this striking stone also lends itself equally well to both traditional and contemporary schemes.

    The diverse colour range is at the heart of the success of the Multi-Slate Z Stone®. Buildings finished in Multi-Slate Z Stone® blend beautifully with the natural landscape. Inside, the natural slate edge and charming colours add instant visual appeal.

  • Quartz
    The blend of natural cream, beige and yellow in our Quartz Z Stone® adds instant warmth and rustic character to any scheme or building. Quartz will soften, and blend in beautifully to, any setting.

    Architects in particular love the flexibility of this natural product which can be used to enhance both traditional and modern schemes. A choice for the discerning designer, the subdued colours of this natural stone will add a subtle grandeur to your home or building.

  • Granite
    Associated with high quality and luxury, granite remains the cornerstone of quality building and design. The instantly recognisable and textured finish of this Granite Z Stone® stone make it a perfect choice for more traditional schemes.

    It’s natural grey, yellow and light brown hues help create country charm, and so has become a favourite for rural buildings. The timeless quality of this classic stone is at the heart of its enduring popularity. No matter where it is used, you can be sure that it will add instant beauty as well as prestige.

Z Stone® is an extremely cost effective natural slate and stone wall cladding system. The pieces of slate and stone are hand picked and mounted onto unique ‘Z’ shaped panels, which integrate seamlessly together to ensure a natural, flawless stone wall finish.

Unlike traditional dry stone walling, the Z Stone® cladding system can be fitted and installed quickly and efficiently. Z Stone® is extremely easy to use and unlike traditional masonry, it minimises wastage, thanks to its efficient design. The ready-made Z Stone® panels adhere directly to blockwork, eliminating the need to hire expensive specialist tradesmen, and can be self-installed.

The Z Stone® cladding panels come in five exciting colors and will complement any building. Get In Touch with the LBS Technical Team to discuss your project today!


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Z Stone is a revolutionary stone cladding system available in Ireland and the UK exclusively from LBS. This exciting, easy to install, natural stone cladding system is extremely cost effective and comes in 5 striking natural slate and stone colours
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