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Fionnuala Mulvany
Balheary Road
Co. Dublin

About Rockcastle Ltd. T/A Raineys

Rockcastle (Trading as Rainey's) are award-winning stone conservation and restoration specialists. Raineys, founded in 1913, have an established reputation for excellence in building repair and maintenance work at height.

Rainey Steeplejacks was founded in Belfast early in the last century. The business was founded by the late Mr John Rainey senior. The family business is now carried on, embedded with a wealth of institutional knowledge.

With over 100 years experience, Rainey's are the longest-established and most highly-experienced firm in the sector. Think height, think Rainey.

Rainey steeplejacks have worked on every cathedral in the country, north and south, over the last century. Rainey's are expert in work at height and specialise in work in difficult-to-access areas.

Height Access
Raineys are fully insured for height access. Remember think height, think Rainey. Notable projects include St George’s (Temple Theatre), St Saviour’s Church, Arklow and Killarney’s famous Pugin cathedral. (

Rockcastle (Trading as Rainey's) are vastly experienced in historic building maintenance and conservation. Using highly-skilled craftsmen and stonemasons, Raineys have worked on a range of high profile conservation and restoration projects.

Rockcastle (Trading as Rainey's) are vastly experienced in historic building maintenance and stone conservation. Rainey's have worked on a range of high-profile conservation and restoration projects. Rainey's use highly-skilled stone masons and craftsmen.

Conservation expertise
Raineys’ expertise is used by the Irish Heritage Council and the Irish Georgian Society. The OPW also regularly employ Rainey's. Rainey's also carry out projects for private clients engaged in maintaining historic houses. Raineys’ conservation work has been recognised by the RIAI.

Rainey's offer specialist services in all work at height. They are also award-winning building conservation experts. Among the specialist services offered by Rainey's is repointing. Repointing, which is sometimes termed “pointing”, is the practice whereby deteriorated mortar is taken out of the joints of a masonry wall. This is then replaced with new mortar.

Repointing Masonry
If properly done, pointing will restore a historic building to its former beauty. However, the correct materials and expert craftsmanship must be used to achieve best results. However, if done incorrectly pointing may damage the original masonry, as well as taking from the physical appearance of the building.

Building Fabric
Historic building owners will generally work with conservation architects and specialist contractors, such as Rainey's. Together they will first try to establish the causes of deterioration in the building fabric. This could be caused by ingress of water, leaking gutters, etc. These fundamental problems must be first addressed before repointing can start.

Historic Building
Properly done, repointing will beautify and enhance any historic building.

Rainey's are recognised for their skill in the use of lime plastering. Their award-winning conservation work features the extensive use of lime mortars. This is the industry standard historic building restoration technique. Lime plastering allows historic buildings to breathe.

Lime Plastering
This is a building material in sympathy with traditional construction. A lime will will allow any historic building to breathe. This will help preserve the fabric of the building by eliminating trapped moisture as against a cement-rendered plaster.

Porous Material
Because lime render is porous this will help with the absorption and release of moisture. All this helps to create a more comfortable and stable interior atmosphere.

Lime Mortar
Lime mortar will also act to protect adjacent building materials. Its properties speed the evaporation of trapped moisture. The use of pure lime will also help in the “drying out” of historic buildings, by assisting evaporation.

Rainey's are established experts in lightning protection. Don’t lose in seconds what it takes a lifetime to build. The awesome power and danger of lightning is self-evident. There is a way to protect your life and property from destruction.

  • Alimak Mast Climbing Platforms
  • Goods and Passenger Hoists
  • Special Access Cradles
  • Powered Access Equipment
  • KGuard Edge Protection
  • Safety & Lifting Equipment
  • Rope Access


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