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Colman Howard Lime Plastering

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Colman Howard
Dispensary Lane
Cork City
County Cork

About Colman Howard Lime Plastering

Colman Howard Lime Plastering is based in Cork, with over 30 years of experience, specialising in the renovation, repair of lime render to period and listed properties throughout Ireland including counties such as Cork, Waterford and Limerick.

We offer a wide range of services including lime plastering, traditional plastering and chimney repairs. We work closely with architects, heritage organisations and private clients, always ensuring that our services and products exceed our client expectations.

We pride ourselves in providing the finest quality workmanship and attention to detail on all our projects ranging from a small repair to a complete restoration from our skilled craftsmen.

Lime Plastering
We specialise in traditional plaster work and offer a variety of finishes which include the following:
  • Construction, Restoration and Conservation
  • Inspection and Surveys
  • External & Internal Lime Plastering
  • Internal Insulation
  • Lime Wash Application
  • Lath ceilings and partitions
  • Lime Plaster over Hemp
  • Lime Plaster over Straw
  • Repointing stone with lime mortar
  • Modern Plastering also available
  • Chimney Repairs

As a dedicated specialist lime plastering contractor, we cover all aspects of traditional plastering in Ireland in counties such as Cork, Limerick and Waterford to name a few. We work with architectural companies throughout the country to provide them with high quality lime plaster and bespoke fine architectural plasterwork repairs. Our focus is on client satisfaction and we believe in the need to understand our client’s needs and work towards satisfying those expectations.

We offer a wide range of services for all aspects of lime plastering including lime render, Lath and Plaster, straw bale house, hemp, wall repairs, as well as modern Plastering techniques. We work countrywide and our projects range from small cottages, to restoring period houses, to modern homes and much more.

Chimney Repairs
One of our main services is chimney repairs and with extensive knowledge in this area, we have successfully completed several restorations in Cork, Waterford, Limerick and beyond. With over 30 years experience in chimney repairs and plastering, we offer a wide range of repairs including knocking, re-lining, and re-building when necessary. We have vast experienced and cater for all types and variations of chimneys including old and recently built chimneys and service both the industrial and domestic sectors.

Our chimney repair tradesmen are highly skilled for every aspect of the chimney repair service from start to finish. We always deliver a high standard of work and carry this out for semi-state bodies, county councils and leading insurance companies throughout Munster and beyond.

We have specialised in older chimneys in period houses, castles and the like. We strive to be the best company in our business and have built up a reputation of high quality workmanship and our pricing is very competitive.

Insulating Lime Plaster & Insulating Lime Render
One of the biggest benefits of Lime Plaster or Lime Render is its insulating qualities.

The benefits of insulating lime plaster include:
  • Saving time by allowing you to go to depths of 40mm per application.
  • Insulating properties with a k value of 0.19.
  • Draws moisture out of the building keeping it dry.
  • Available in both Hydraulic and Non-Hydraulic
  • Cost saving by enabling you to dub out and level all in the same coat.
  • Aiding with salt migration.
  • Increasing soundproofing and acoustic performance.
  • Easier to apply.
  • Cutting down labour cost with less coats required.

Another benefit is that it can also be used as an Insulating Render. This means it has the strength and durability to be used on the outside of buildings as an insulating render as well as being smooth enough to use indoors as an insulating plaster. Insulating Render also aids with fireproofing.

In traditional building the products are designed for the building and not the application. Modern materials are designed for the builder and not the building. Insulating Lime plaster manages to be sympathetic to the building’s needs while also allowing a quicker application and insulating properties to make life easier for the builder.


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