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Delta Containers Ltd is an IBC container specialist with more than 30 years of experience with the construction industry. We supply a large range of high quality UN approved IBC & Stainless Steel tanks. We have the best quality new, reconditioned and rebottled IBCs on steel, wooden or plastic pallets. Our IBC's are standard 1000 litres, but we also offer 640 litres or 820 litres.

Furthermore, we offer ancillary products to enhance your IBC's, from IBC bunds to spare parts such as valves, lids and pressure vents for all type of containers.

Our Stainless Steel tanks are all produced in Europe and of very high quality. We also provide a bespoke service designing the tanks to your needs from a volume from 500 to 2000 litres. We can add heating or cooling jackets, mixers, special valves, window, pressure lids or anything else.

Other products we offer are drums & kegs in all sizes, powered hand trucks and bunded work floors.

We are based in Manchester and we also have a recycling plant. If you have any IBCs, drums, buckets or any other type of plastic you need to get rid of, we are more than happy to buy them off you.

We sell different type of water tanks to the agricultural and equestrian world. We have our IBC water storage containers of 1000 litre. Here you can choose from a brand new IBC container or a rebottled IBC. The rebottled IBC has a clean bottle but comes in a used cage which make them a bit cheaper. Both these water tanks come on a pallet of either wood, steel or plastic.

If a water container of 1000 litre is too big we also have plastic drums also perfect as water butts for allotments, gardens, drinking water for animals or anything else. The come in 30, 60, 120, 150 and 220 litre.

We sell all kind of fitting to make sure you can fit a watering hose to the bottom of the water tank, so you water the plants without any problems. It’s really easy to fit any of these water containers with a lister/drinking through for livestock.

If you need an IBC for agricultural or equestrian purpose, but you still have some question please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Empty IBC Collection

A lot companies don’t realise that their used IBC’s which are standing around in their yard are actually worth some money and you definitely don’t have to pay for collection, as many people believe. See what you could get for your used IBC's.

Our company collects used IBC containers throughout the UK and Europe. All we need from you is an email with:

- A few photos of the empty IBC’s

- Tell us what they were used for / what was in them

- And how many do you have / need collecting

What will happen next is that one of our sales guys will give you a call to arrange a visit or to agree on a price. Yes, if the empty IBC containers can be cleaned and a good quantity is available to collect we will pay for them! For some companies this can be a good yearly revenue. Even if the IBC can’t be cleaned but the cage is reusable we may still pay or collect for free.

This way you turn used IBC containers that are taking up your workspace into money and you’re recycling them at the same time.

We have been in this business for more than 30 years and we offer great service. We come and pick them up as soon possible with our professional staff who can load them quickly. Most importantly, we pay the best rate possible!

Do you have some empty IBC containers? Contact us now and check for yourself that we pay a great price for them. Or call us for further information on 0161-231 2875.

Costs are only incurred if cages are damage or the number of IBC’s is less than 8!
Our IBC covers designed to protect your IBC and the product inside

Here below are some examples of covers we have in stock, but we also deal with specific queries for tailor made covers. For example we can also supply all these covers below for the 640L or 820L IBC containers.

Standard IBC cover: This cover is ideal for places where fume risks exist. We have this cover in two sizes, either to just put it over the IBC itself or to have it over an IBC which is placed on a bund. It’s made from chemical resistant heavy duty, weather-proof, lacquered PVC.

Insulated IBC cover: This cover is ideal for during transport. The outer skins is made of C-L polyethylene or PVCN and infilled with thermal. Perfect to protect your product against frost.

Waterproof IBC cover: With insulated lining and PVC weatherproof material, this cover can be perfectly used for outdoor storage.

Heated IBC jacket – fixed up to 40 degrees: If your product needs a stable temperature, this cover is what you need. It can be fixed at stable temperature with a non-variable heat control. Depending on the product in the IBC the temperature goes up 1.5 degrees per hour until it reaches the set temperature.

Heated IBC Jacket – frost protection: this is a similar jacket, but automatically starts warming up when the thermostat drops to low temperatures. It doesn’t heat more than 5 degrees Celsius, but it will protect your goods from frost.

UV protection cover: Made from 600 denier bag cloth and therefore extremely durable, resistant and easy to handle. It protects your tank from UV-radiation and for example it outdoor water tanks from algae.

Do you need anything else or do you have any further question, please contact us on or give us a call on 0161-2312875
Stainless Steel IBC's and tanks

All of our tanks are cold rolled AISI 304 stainless steel (316 on request), externally satin polished and internally BA polished, including a cold forged bottom cover with optimised shape, minimum thickness of 2 mm. Many alterations and accessories are available on these tanks as well as other models to suit your needs. They come in a range of sizes and shapes bespoke-made to suit the customer’s precise needs. Starting from 500 litres and going up to 2000 litres, our range is ideal for most applications.

One of our most popular IBC tanks is the SBP1000. This tank is designed for brewing and associated industries, its deep drawn shaped outlet area maximises full products discharge. Its ergonomic shaped base with slots for forklift or manual pallet truck makes this model ideal for a brewing line as mobility is high. This one is available from 545 litres going up to 1533 litres.

Or the PCI1000 which is an UN approved stainless steel IBC suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. With UN/ADR/RID/AND approval for transportation of dangerous products, packaging class II.

To see all our stainless steel IBC’s and tanks click here.
Standard IBC vs Dip-Tube IBC

All liquid goods from food, drinks, and oils to detergents and solvents to other hazardous goods such as sulphuric acid or potassium are transported in bulk containers. They transport these 1000 litre IBC’s from the producers to the place where they would be transferred in to smaller packaging for the end user. In the past this would be done by simply opening the tap and pouring it into smaller containers and this would lead to risky splashes and fumes coming free.

Our IBC container with CDS Dip-Tube extraction system enables the extraction of filling goods without opening either the valve or top lid. This makes it the perfect IBC container for if you don’t want any contact with the filling good such as chemicals over 30% concentration Nitric Acid (normally called 50% / 70 % nitric) and 98% Sulphuric Acid also Hydrofluoric acid.

They are also used for Ad-blue to avoid any risk of contamination and it guarantees clean delivery to the exhaust system because even the slightest amount of contamination will affect the efficiency of the NOX (Nitric Oxide) gas treatment. This clean break system for fluid handling is also ideal for pesticides and fertilisers as they all contain ammonia.

However, safety and contamination is not the only reason to use a cds dip tube IBC container. Other reasons are to maximise materials, because it enables you to empty the tank up to 99%. This reduces waste and is therefore often more cost-efficient.

Reduction of clean-up cost is also a reason why people choose cds dip-tube. Eliminating spills at the point of use will safe you in labour for not constantly cleaning up spills and you don’t have as high disposal cost as you empty the IBC much more than without a dip-tube.

Of course all the points mentioned above also have other overall positive effects on the health and safety of staff, the environment and sustainability. These are all points you have to consider when choosing between a normal IBC or an IBC container with a cds system.

If you have any further questions about the CDS dip-tube IBC please contact us.


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