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About EOS Rooflights

Our roof lights are designed to the highest specifications, exceeding that of our competitors. We are one of the only companies offering laminated glass within our units as standard, providing you with a safer, more secure product that boasts incredible energy efficiency.

At EOS, we are setting a new standard in roof glazing, offering four different types of premium rooflights at highly competitive prices.

More Light, Less Expense
Light is one of nature’s most abundant free resources, and it is an integral part of interior design. We understand just how important light is to the feel of your home, which is why our roof lights range is designed to let in as much as possible.

Unlike our competitors, we measure our units internally, along the area of visible glass, ensuring you receive more light for your money.

With a competitor’s 1000mm x 1000mm roof light, you’d actually only see 900mm x 900mm of glass, whereas here at EOS, if we quote 1000mm x 1000mm, then that’s exactly the amount of glass you’ll see.

Secure & Energy Efficient
When it comes to your home, security is of vital importance, and that is why this is a considerable factor in everything we do. The combination of laminate and toughened glass within our roof lights supplies that extra protection without sacrificing design quality.

Exclusive UK Stockists of the Skyvision Series
EOS is dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest-quality rooflights for flat roofs. We’re the exclusive UK stockists of the SkyVision series from renowned Danish glazing specialist, Vitral - the stylised design of which ensures a seamless link between your interior and the great outdoors.

Our Fixed, Opening, Eco and WalkOn options all feature market-leading glazed units that put safety and thermal efficiency at the forefront, providing optimal performance at affordable prices.

In addition to our bespoke sized units built specifically for your roof, we’re able to deliver nationwide stock sizes within 3-5 days.

Fixed Rooflights
Originally designed with the high-end market in mind, the stylish design of our fixed rooflights combines form with exceptional function, providing a low-profile external frame with a market-leading glass specification.

Opening Rooflights
Our opening rooflights combine efficient and minimal design with effortless automation.

All our opening models include an insulated upstand, the unique design of which allows us to fit an actuator within it. Rather than having to add a separate frame for the motor, the clever, contemporary design ensures seamless continuity between all of our systems, and keeps your roof light looking its best.

Eco Rooflights
Our roof lights were originally designed for the high-end market, with a focus on superior performance.

Internally, the frameless design of our units create a seamless link between your home and the outdoors; externally, the sleek, low-profile frame finishes flush with the glass, allowing water to easily drain away and avoid pooling.

A silk band on the internal face of the glass offers the dual benefit of providing UV protection to the internal gaskets plus adding to the contemporary design of our roof windows.

Bespoke Walk On Rooflights
If you need to let more natural light into your home, whilst providing a secure overhead platform, Walk On Rooflights are a great solution.

Here at EOS, our units are suitable for both internal and external purposes. So whether you have a roof terrace that incorporates glass or a basement that would benefit from overhead light, we have the solution.

Modular Rooflights
Our modular range allows you to attach a limitless number of our fixed and opening units together. As we incorporate our motors within our insulated upstand, it means, visually, you cannot tell the difference between a fixed and opening element.

Not only do we ensure your rooflight looks great, adds light and keeps in the warmth, we also want to know that it is safe. For added peace of mind, our Modular Rooflights include an inner laminated inner pane as standard.


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Supplier of Flat Rooflights , London Specialists in Rooflights & Skylights , Framless Glazing Specialists Uk
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