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The Glass Balustrade Company

The Glass Balustrade Company Contact Details

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Mr Dave Timmins
Unit 11 Hadley Park Industrial Estate
Hadley Park Road
County Shropshire
England UK

About The Glass Balustrade Company

The Glass Balustrade Company specialise in the supply and installation of Glass Balustrades, Feature Staircases, Terrace Balustrades & Patio Balustrades, Structural Glass Systems, Juliet Balconies and Bespoke Glass Structures and Stainless Steel Handrails.

Who Are We?
The Glass Balustrade Company was formed as a fusion of some of the most experienced people in the Glass Balustrade and Architectural Metalwork industry.

What We Do
We install Glass Balustrades, Structural Glass, Feature Staircases and Juilette Balconies to premises throughout the UK in homes, hospitals, schools, airports, residential buildings and retail units.

Why Us?
Our introduction in the domestic market means not only are you getting their years of experience with glass balustrade, but also their knowledge of how to manufacture and buy an industrial quality product at the right price.

Our Glass Balustrade Products, Design and Installation Services
Our products combine the beauty and transparency of glass, with the natural elegance of wood and the modern finish of stainless steel. The result is a the perfect finishing touch to your interior or exterior project, be it a patio, balcony, terrace, swimming pool or staircase.

Our frameless glass balustrading system (Structural Glass) is perfect if you want the safety and security of a barrier without unsightly posts, giving that clear view wherever you look.

We provide complete peace of mind. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the commercial sector as Vision Architectural, there is probably not an architectural metalwork challenge or problem they have not encountered and overcome.

Our Products

Stainless Steel Handrails
Our stainless steel handrails are manufactured to the highest standards and our stainless steel it extremely weather resistant making them equally ideal for outside use. Stainless steel handrails add the perfect modern finishing touch to any project, especially when combined with glass infills, wire rope and steel posts to form the full glass balustrade system.

Likewise they can be combined with structural glass balustrades to create a frameless glass barrier, which has no posts to obscure your view. With over 40 years experience in the commercial sector we can offer our design service and experience to create the stainless steel balustrade you require. We then offer a supply only or complete installation service for your glass balustrades, frameless balustrade, structural glass and stainless steel handrails.

Terrace & Patio Balustrades
Our exterior terrace and patio balustrade systems are ideal for adding an elite feature to balconies, terraces and patios. Our exterior quality glass balustrade systems are the perfect transparent solution to security and safety around decking areas, swimming pools, and garden features. The patio balustrade can include new modern looking stainless steel posts or wooden newels and the glass panels can even be fitted to existing newels.

All our terrace and patio balustrade is manufactured to the highest standards and our stainless steel it extremely weather resistant making it ideal for outside use. All that is required is a little light cleaning to ensure your feature stands the test of time.

Juliet Balconies
The Glass Balustrade Company are market leaders in supply and installation of Juliet Balconies. A Juliet balcony or Juliette balcony is really a false balcony and they are becoming very popular to add increased light and ventilation to any room. The balcony takes its name from Juliet’s balcony in Shakespeares ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

By changing a window for a double door or French door, the juliet balcony fixes to the external masonry to prevent someone from falling out of the building and offers a safe and secure balustrade system. Our juliet balconies can be supplied and fitted, or just on a supply only basis. They are easy to fit, unobtrusive, have obscuring posts and are virtually maintenance free. They are suitable for coastal corrosive locations and meet all current building regulations.

Structural Glass Balustrade & Frameless Glass Systems
With the latest technology in glass fabrication structural glass balustrades and frameless glass systems allow us to create glass structures that are free of large supports, durable and stunning. The structural glass is held in place using a special channel system that can be fitted to floor, wall and ceiling. By removing the need for metal supports and brackets it allows us to bring more light into your home.

Structural glass balustrades and frameless glass systems allows you and your designer or architect to think more freely without the worrying about traditional supports. Your home can be extended on one or more levels with a structure that is totally glass.


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The Glass Balustrade Company General Description

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