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Andrew Thompson
Unit 4, Millfield Business Park
Millfield Lane
County Merseyside
WA11 9UT
England UK
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09:00 am-05:00 pm

09:00 am-05:00 pm

09:00 am-05:00 pm

09:00 am-05:00 pm

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About Resins Industry UK LTD

Resins Industry UK Ltd, is part of a network of specialist soil and foundation contractors in UK, Europe, Australasia & Asia with head office based in the Netherlands.

Our network first started in 2006 and we have since built up an industry wide reputation in the soil improvement and foundation repair speciality with focus on soil and structural foundation improvement methods that are less disruptive to on-going operations. Within a short period, we now have active member partners in over 15 countries. Our solutions are fast and offer minimal disruption to daily operations. In most cases, there is no closure to the facility and most jobs are completed in days without down time to the facility operator.

About our technologies...
  • Our network of contractors completed over 2000 projects in the ASEAN region with key infrastructure projects like the region's busiest airports and highways.
  • Our Resin injection technology for soil improvement is pending PATENT approval.
  • Structural crack repair and concrete pavement maintenance products are industrial leaders in quick turn around time with fast curing, ready for traffic in 2 hours, and works even in wet conditions.
  • Our broad range of hydrophobic and hydrophilic resins allows us to stop leaks and gushing leaks in drains, sewers, tunnels and underground services generally.
  • For slab lifting and re-support we use several different resins to suit different applications, strengths and accuracy requirements, and prime sectors.
  • All our services are completed with warranties as applicable.


Technical Services
Resins Industry UK Ltd provide several technical services as can be seen below.

Void Filling
BacelĀ® Hardfoam is a unique lightweight industrial engineering grout used for void filling, both above ground and below ground. It's pre-expanded before placement and gel time is between 10-50 minutes, application dependent. In pressure filling applications it will displace residual liquids and neutralise hydro-carbons, rendering petrochemical installations safe. Filling can be done in 1.5 to 2 metre lifts. Combined with a one hour restart time to prevent slump, up to 6 lifts per day are possible. Average diameter shafts and mines can be filled at approx 10 vertical metres per normal day.

Vibration Reduction
Insufficient floor support will lead to excessive machinery and equipment vibration that most likely will reduce finished product quality and production. These lowered product KPI's are in addition to increased machine maintenance, downtime and running costs. Our structural resin injection solutions will help reduce machinery vibration and prolong the service life of your investment with higher productivity and higher finished product quality.

Floor Lifting & Re-Levelling
With our variable density resins, sunken floors with uneven levels can be lifted or re-leveled within hours and returned to normal operation with minimal disruption or downtime. CLEAN & FAST with no loss of productivity in most cases. As quick and simple as 1, 2 and 3.
1. No demolition/excavation
2. No rebuild
3. No downtime.

Foundation Re-Inforcement
There are many possible causes of foundation settlement, and our modular steel Micropile method is guaranteed to fix it permanently. Our method offers a quick and clean solution in limited space environments. By utilizing the building's own weight, we are able to reach solid soil layers as deep as 70m.

Concrete Pavement Maintenance
Typical surface concrete slab failures may impact on pavement serviceability and traffic operations and if left untreated would lead to costly replacement repairs. These are:
  • Surface deterioration
  • Spalling
  • Structural cracks

Our concrete pavement solutions can quickly rectify these problems and extend the service life of your facility with minimal downtime and disruption.

Soil Improvement / Strengthening
Soil improvement methods have advanced over the last few decades from simple weight loading (surcharging), vertical drains to deep soil mixing. Most methods are better suited to new builds as these processes require open space (very high overhead) access, patience and time.

Leak Sealing / Water Stopping
Most Utilities, Councils and Cities lose millions annually due to leaks into ageing sewers, service tunnels and drains. These leaks not only push up the cost of waste water treatment, they undermine the services themselves and often result in road collapses. Resins Industry has the resins, the technical skills and equipment to deal with leak sealing and water ingress rapidly, cost effectively and non disruptively.


Products & Services

Leak Sealing / Water Stopping

Soil Improvement / Strengthening

Concrete Pavement Maintenance

Foundation Re-Inforcement

Floor Lifting & Re-Levelling

Vibration Reduction

Void Filling

Resins Industry UK LTD General Description

Ground Engineering, Void filling, Floor lifting, floor relevelling & much more
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