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Danielle Bryan
Unit 2 The Quad
Gibfield Business Park
Atherton, Manchester
M46 0SY

About Printed Polythene Ltd

We specialise in polythene products, all in plain, printed or coloured, such as shrink films, pallet covers, top sheets, stretch films & stretch hoods, as well as much more!

In an increasingly competitive market, printed packaging is not only the perfect way to protect your goods from damage and the elements, but is also an excellent form of advertisement to get your company name noticed by current and potential customers.

Printed Shrink Wrap Pallet Covers, Pallet Bags and Hoods
Shrink Pallet covers are a perfect way to keep your palletised loads secure, clean and weather proof. Available in both plain or printed, clear or tinted, this is a great way to protect your goods as well as, if required, a great advertising space to get your company name seen. Easy to fit to your pallet, our printed shrink wrap pallet covers do also need to be used in conjunction with a shrink gun or shrink oven, and can be shrunk down in under 2 minutes.

Stretch Hooding Film
With the stretch hooding, instead of using hot air, the operation of pallet packing relies on stretching the film "on cold" and putting stretched packaging on your product. For the sake of shorter time needed for packing process and smaller mass of single packaging this method is becoming more and more popular, however, a stretch hooding machine would be required to operate with this product.

Tubular film is available in both mono and co-extrusion specifications over widths of 10”, guaranteeing high quality standards. Especially suitable for the automatic further processing of free-flowing bulk materials. This type of film can be supplied plain or printed in up to 8 spot colour.

Polythene sheeting is supplied on rolls and is available in wide range of colours, thicknesses and sizes depending on your requirements. It can be produced in both mono and 3 layer co-extruded film and if required can be printed up to 8 spot colours on widths up to 2500mm, maximising your advertising potential.

Machine & Hand Stretch
Machine stretch film is supplied on large rolls intended for use with stretch machines & turntables, making this product perfect where high volume and continuous pallet wrapping is required, quickly proving you with a secure pallet or product.

Mailing & Polythene Bags
Polythene mailing bags are a great alternative to traditional paper envelopes for all your mailing needs. From mailing paper literature in a clear lightweight bag that has been heat sealed, to sending out samples to your customers in a more robust coloured bag that has a self-adhesive strip applied at the opening, there are literally thousands of different specifications that could be applied to this product to suit your needs exactly.

Flame Retardant Film
This product is generally used to shrink wrap larger products such as boats and scaffolding. This is done to protect the working area from the elements & other pollutants as well as securing the area from theft or vandalism. Unlike a standard film, this product can be used without the potential risk of small sparks causing damage to the polythene rendering the protective layer redundant. The film is secured into place using a hand shrink gun.

Printed tape is the perfect way to get your company name seen when the majority of your consignments are small and do not require the additional security of other packaging products such as hand stretch film. Tape can be supplied in wide variety of widths, colours and can be printed in up to 3 spot colours to match your requirements exactly.

Turntables are designed to be used in conjunction with machine stretch and will greatly assist when time is of the essence.

Shrink Guns
We now hold stock of Express Rafale Black Edition shrink guns, meaning they are ready for immediate despatch when required. This shrink gun comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Collation Shrink
Collation shrink is generally used to collate a product, prior to palletising the bulk of the order such as drinking bottles. This type of film is usually required to have excellent clarity and a high gloss finish, as well as being strong and durable as it is often required that the goods will be displayed for re-sale in this packaging.

Form Fill & Seal Films
Form Fill & Seal films are designed to run on automatic bagging and filling equipment and have the added advantage of being able to accommodate a full colour process print if required.

Logistics & Warehousing
We serve our customers on a local, national and international basis. We are aware that this can be a complex process that needs to be handled cost effectively and efficiently, to ensure you receive your goods promptly and more importantly, undamaged. This is why we only work with experienced, professional logistics companies that pride themselves on great service, just as we do!


Are Your Workforce Wrapping More Than 10 Pallets A Day?

Hand wrapping pallets is an extremely difficult job even if it's done correctly and a common source of employee injuries when performed incorrectly.

The cost of these work related injuries & accidents caused by hand wrapping pallets are never considered until its too late.

Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine eliminates this issue and has other great benefits too.

1. Hand rolls that have been damaged through being left on the floor or left lying around can sometimes add up to at least 20% of your hand wrapping costs. A stretch wrapper would stop this from happening.


2. A consistent application, an operator will not be able to consistently wrap a pallet the same way every time, whereas a stretchwrapper can be pre-programmed to wrap every pallet the same way.

3. Wrapping a pallet using a stretch wrap machine produces a clean professional finished product.

4. Damage control. As employees deal with the difficulty of hand wrapping the goal becomes just wrapping it enough to get it out the door. Wrapping the load to eliminate damage during transit and at your customer's warehouse can become secondary.

5. Although the key to stretch wrapping is to make sure that we get the product to the customer intact, we all want to do it for the least amount of cost. With the machine set to wrap the loads with the least amount of stretch film required to hold the load together, you eliminate unnecessary extra revolutions of film being applied by well meaning operators. At a point, more film does not hold the load better, it is just waste.

Prices start from as £170 per month on finance over 36 months.

For more information contact Printed Polythene Limited.
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