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Contract Ground Services Ltd

Contract Ground Services Ltd Contact Details

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Paul Sweeney
4 Camlough Road
Mullaslin, Carrickmore
County Tyrone
BT79 9PP
Northern Ireland

About Contract Ground Services Ltd

Based in Northern Ireland, Contract Ground Services Ltd. provide a full range of expert groundwork services including Soil Stabilisation, Drainage and Earth Work throughout the UK and Ireland. We provide GPS equipped dozers and diggers for reduced digs, drainage, foundations and trimming.

Working within a wide range of sectors we can carry out all types of groundwork from the start to the finish of your project including Soil Stabilisation using lime and cement. We provide a skilled professional and fully trained group of ground workers and plant operators.

Contract Ground Services are experts in their field, committed to offering clients the very best when it comes to Soil Stabilisation, Drainage/Attenuation Tanks, Earth Works as well as other civil engineering work.

About the Sectors we work in:
Contract Ground Services works as a principal contractor and as a supply chain partner to main contractor in the following sectors:
  • Highway Infrastructure
  • Hard Landscaping
  • Car Parks
  • Ground Works
  • Wind Farms
  • Waste Facilities
  • Defence Projects
  • Building
Soil Stabilisation
Soil Stabilisation has had major success on many projects especially throughout Europe the UK and Ireland. Projects which have benefited from soil stabilisation have included roads, air fields, car parks, solar/wind farms, power stations etc. This method uses the original on site materials to replace imported stone aggregate, therefore reducing the need and cost to export unsuitable material.

What is Soil Stabilisation?
Soil Stabilisation is a process which simply enables granular and cohesive soils to be upgraded by the in-situ mixing of binders with the host material. It’s a cost effective and environmentally beneficial solution in soil modification. Each process is uniquely tested to suit soil requirements before work begins.

The Benefits and advantages of Soil Stabilisation
  • Minimum muckaway costs: Excavation and removal of unsuitable material is kept to a minimum.
  • Less roadstone/ aggregate imports: Stabilised materials can be used as capping and sub base replacements
  • Reduction in lorry movements; no import/export material via road
  • Minimum use of landfill resources; we utilise existing site materials
  • Soil erosion control, improve soil strength and soil water proofing
  • More cost efficient and generally a quicker process compared to traditional methods
The Process of Soil Stabilisation and How it Works
In-situ soil stabilisation is used throughout the building and civil engineering industries. This is a quick and cost effective method. It is cheaper to modify existing soils with binders such as lime and cement to create pavement and ground slab foundations rather than the traditional method of disposal and import of materials to profile a construction site. Most cohesive and granular sub-soils can be stabilised. Natural soils as well as made ground and recycled materials can be utilised.

Stabilisation eliminates the removal of unstable or unsuitable material from the site such as soft clay or wet sands and gravels. We do this by utilising materials onsite to stop import and export of material. Instead soil can be treated with lime/cement to increase strengths, reduce MCVs required for structural fill and also capping/sub base layers dramatically reducing the requirements for stone.

Drainage is the removal of water from the surface or sub surface of an area. Contract Ground Services Ltd. specialise in all types of drainage including:
  • design and build of attenuation tasks
  • as well as installation of petrol interceptors
Attenuation Tanks
Contract Ground Services specialise in the design and build of attenuation tanks. These systems store the excess flow of water on site, a critical element of any new build that needs to be addressed. These low cost and easy to construct tanks reduce the risk of flooding during heavy rain.

Earthworks is the moving or processing of parts of the earth’s surface involving quantities of soil or unformed rock. The earth excavated may be moved to another location for a specific purpose or soil stabilisation, an environmentally beneficial process using lime and cement to increase soil strength, can be carried out.

Plant & Equipment Hire
Contract Ground Services has plant and equipment available for hire.

Other Civil Works
Our experience includes many different types of civil engineering including:
  • Large Scale Bio Mass Plant Construction
  • Water Main Installation
  • Canal and Water Way Works
  • Golf Course and Sports Pitch Construction and Maintenance
  • Sheet Piling
  • Demolition


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