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Ultan Gillen
N39 VA40

About UG Landsurveying

At UG Land Surveying we offer a comprehensive and quality service for both building & quarrying or other types of site development. All our finished surveys are produced as both digital & paper plans to fulfill all of the clients requirements. We use the latest GPS surveying equipment & software which ensures an accurate and up to date service for our customers.

We also provide the service of marking out the finished design on the site to whatever accuracy is required. In conjunction with surveying it is also possible to ascertain accurate volumes of materials that may need to be excavated (e.g. in Quarrying), prior to work commencing.

About Us
UG Land Surveying was established in 2001, since then we have conducted surveys for many well known names in the construction industry. Our aims are simple: whether it is from a one-off house to a large commercial development, we give the same level of expertise and attention.

The company is continually expanding at the moment and is a rival for the more established names in the market both on price and service. We hope you find this information helpful, if you require any further information on any of the topics in this website please contact us either by phone or email.

Our Services
UG Land Surveying is dedicated to providing our customers with a high quality service our dedicated knowledge and experience means our surveys will be highly accurate and detailed. Projects can be as simple or complex as our customers require or the nature of the site demands.

We offer four main surveying services, including:
  • Topographical Surveys
    Topographic surveying is the most common way of generating an accurate measured map of a surface, terrain or building. Topographical surveying has developed so large survey teams are not required any more instead, using state of the art equipment, a one man team can accomplish any task required of by the customer.

    The survey plots and measures all features, whether they be man made or natural, to a high level of detail. This detail can be determined by the customers own requirements. We use the latest GPS equipment to get the most accurate readings possible.

  • Volume Calculation Surveys
    The information we gather from surveys allows us to determine volume areas. We can produce a 3D area model and cross-section drawing, which allows us to assess the total volume space in an area. This work is very useful when you need to know how much material is needed or can be used.

  • Setting Out
    Our surveyors, equipped with the latest robotic survey total stations, are available to carry out an accurate and experienced setting-out service. These services are useful for determining building work. Again the service can be used too as much detail is required by the client, whether it be to determine house foundations or to full scale building sites or motorway structures.

    We can also use specialist software to inform our survey equipment which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of a setting out job.

  • Land Registry Enquiries or Checks
    Land Registry checks the registered title plan or properties in the country this information is available to the interested party or parties, for a small fee. It also allows access to the title register, plan and most, if not all, of the documents referred to in the register.

    For more information on any of our services, or if you would like to make use of our services then please feel free to call us on +353 (0) 878 530 285 or click here to contact us.

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