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+44 (0) 161 464902 9
Suite 1N-B, Trafford House
Chester Rd,
SO31 4RF

About PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments has been manufacturing and selling high-quality test and measurement instruments, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment since 1999. Three German engineers founded the company which now has subsidiaries in several countries and sells test equipment of the trademark "PCE Instruments®", but also devices from other renowned manufacturers. The wide range of private-use but mainly professional products is available in the online shops of PCE’s branches.

PCE Instruments has its headquarters in Germany, where the company was founded. The PCE Holding GmbH comprises 14 companies, including PCE Instruments UK Ltd. PCE constantly develops new products and solutions at their PCE Produktions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH in Germany and seeks to improve their existing products as innovation is an important factor to compete on a saturated market.

PCE Instruments has customers from nearly any sector. One of these numerous sectors is the construction industry.

PCE’s borescopes, for example, are used to visually inspect objects that are not directly accessible. Borescopes / inspection cameras with a rigid cable are normally the cheaper option and therefore very frequently purchased but if you need to look around corners or access very confined spaces.

Concrete test hammers
To measure the compression strength of concrete on site without destroying it, a concrete test hammer can be used. The rebound of the hammer that hits the concrete surface can be converted into a value in MPa, kg/cm2, N/mm2. These units represent the compression strength of the concrete.

Data Logger / Data Logging Instrument
Due to a rapid technological development, the modern world has turned into the world of various countless data, which, if not organized and registered, will bring to chaos. There are different ways of modern data acquisition devices, most frequently called data loggers, designed for recording and monitoring of processes and parameters, which if connected appropriately, create a certain data base, where the data is not only registered and recorded, but stored, due to the high capacity memory of the devices, analysed and processed, due to the modern software, and sorted out, which provides an important information about the environment checked, manufacturing, technical processes, products or parameters.

Sound level meter
To avoid noise nuisance coming from a construction site, a sound level meter or noise level meter can help cope with regulations and restrictions which may apply in this respect. PCE Instruments offers some models for fixed installation as well as hand-held models, covering different measurement ranges and returning results of various accuracies, depending on the specific applications and requirements.

Moisture meter
For most construction jobs, moisture meters for materials like concrete, wood, etc. are essential to meet certain guidelines. The first issue that comes to mind is possible mould which definitely needs to be prevented. For example, mould can become a problem when there is any type of leakage or when moisture can enter from outside due to a crack in the wall.

A safe environment for the workers is of utmost importance on any construction site. Strong wind can cause severe risks to the workforce which might not be immediately apparent. Workers’ ability to hear and see can be impaired when there is heavy wind. At height, the wind can be much stronger than on the ground and it should not be forgotten that wind speeds and direction change frequently.

Infrared thermometer
An infrared thermometer uses thermal radiation / infrared radiation to measure surface temperatures indirectly and without touching the surface. Any object with a temperature above 0 degrees Kelvin (K) emits radiation. If the object under test is colder than the infrared thermometer, the radiation flow is negative. To calculate the temperature, the infrared thermometer sends thermal radiation to the object to be measured to correct the negative flow. An infrared thermometer can work very well for measuring the temperatures of building and construction materials. It will be the ideal choice when the emissivity of the material is known. The emissivity is the relative ability of a material’s surface to emit or absorb energy by radiation.


Products & Services

Sound level meter / noise level meter

Platform scales

Platform scales

Industrial hanging scales

Heavy duty scales

Hand pallet truck scales

Crane scales

Wire tracers

Voltage testers / voltmeters

Videoscopes / video borescopes

Vibration analysers / vibration meters / vibration testers

Temperature meters

Shock data loggers

Radiation detectors / radiation meters / radioactivity meters

Pipe locators

Oxygen meters

Isolation meters

Insulation testers

Installation testers

Illuminometers / lux meters / light meters

HVAC meters / HVACR testers

Geiger counters

Gas (leak) detectors

Flow meters

Flaw detectors

Environmental meters / testers

Electrical testers

Earth testers

Dynamometers / (digital) force gauges

Durometers / hardness testers

(Laser) distance meters

(Digital) thermometers

(Digital) multimeters


Data loggers / data logging instruments

Current clamps

Contact thermometers

Concrete test hammers

CO2 analysers

Climate meters

Clamp meters

Chroma meters

Cable fault meters

Cable detectors / locators

Borescopes / inspection cameras / endoscopes / snake cameras

Airflow meters / anemometers / wind measurers / wind speed meters

Air velocity meters

Air quality meters

(Relative / air) humidity meters / hygrometers / pyrometers

(Wood / timber / concrete) moisture meters

Power meters / power (quality) analysers

PCE Instruments UK Ltd General Description

test and measurement equipment, scales and balances, control equipment, lab equipment
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