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Peter Pietroszek
County Dublin

About Grip Doctors Ltd

Grip Doctors provide guaranteed Anti- Slip solutions to private and public clients. We produce detailed reports of floor materials Pendulum Test Values (PTV) for Architects, Injury Solicitors, Surveyors, Risk & Facility Managers, Floor Suppliers and many others. We understand the importance of aesthetics and combine them with safety requirements of slip resistance.

Your floor with our treatment will keep its look but become anti-slip without the expense of replacing it. Be proactive – take care of accidents before they happen.

Grip Doctors make internal and external surfaces Anti-Slip. We work with any floor material: stone, tiles, wood, vinyl, pvc, and other. We also work with bathtubs and shower trays. Our anti-slip solutions surpass the required by law slip resistant values (measured in PTV) and do not change the appearance of the floor.

We make floors compliant with the HSA and BCAR requirements of slip resistance and can provide you with a Certificate of Conformity for insurance, H&S or any other requirement.

Grip Doctors provide comprehensive slip test reports with PTV, R and Rz values of floor materials tested according to EN, BS and DIN standards. We provide onsite risk assessment of Pedestrian Slip Potential using the Pendulum Slip Resistance Tester. We measure the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of floor materials and its impact on pedestrian slip risk. We test any floor materials in house and in-situ.

Our slip test reports are used extensively by: Health & Safety Consultants, Architects, Personal Injury Solicitors, Floor manufacturers, Material Testing Laboratories, Motorway Agencies, Local Councils, Expert Witnesses, Facility Management Companies and any business with a duty of care to ensure proper Risk Management.

The Pendulum Test
The standard for determining slip resistance of floor materials in the Republic of Ireland and the UK is the Transport Road Laboratory (TRL) Pendulum test. The operations and methodology of using the Pendulum is defined by the British Standard Institute (BSI) in EN 13036 & BS 7976: 1-3 standard and further developed by the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) in theirs Guidelines, Issue 5.0 October 2016.

Pendulum Test mimics the way a pedestrian heel makes contact with a floor and measures the dynamic coefficient of friction in dry, wet or contaminated conditions between two materials, the slider and the substrate.

The slider #96 is made of a special 4S rubber (Standard Simulated Shoe Sole) for shod pedestrian traffic. For bare feet pedestrians a softer slider TRRL #55 is used.

Grip Doctors provide anti-slip solutions for existing flooring eliminating the need and cost of replacing a slippery floor. Our solutions are guaranteed to meet the requirements of slip resistance set by the HSA and the Irish Building Regulations of 36 PTV when wet and dry and can protect the surface from wear and tear.

For any surface:
  • Internal surfaces - We emphasize on floor safety as much as on the aesthetics of the floor materials treated. Minimum of 36 PTV when wet must be achieved to ensure a low slip risk. It is now mandatory to have a minimum slip rating on foresee-ably wet surfaces. Your surface after our treatment will not only be slip resistant but also will keep its look and will be protected from wear and tear for years.

  • External surfaces - We provide anti-slip surface coating and treatments for all external surfaces. We make outdoor surfaces slip resistant from 40 to 70 PTV for shod pedestrian traffic ensuring that they are safe for pedestrian traffic, providing very low slip risk in wet conditions.

  • Stairs safety - We install surface mounted GRP stair nosing, stair strips and stair treads. Grip Doctors provide solutions for internal and external stairs that make them compliant with building regulations of slip resistance. We also provide installations of corduroy and inline tactile strips on stair landings and stairs bottoms for visually impaired pedestrians.

  • Baths safety - Long lasting protection against slips and falls in Bathtubs & Showers. We make PVC, Enamel and Porcelain bathtubs and shower trays anti-slip and provide a certification of conformity with PTV values for bare feet traffic using the Pendulum Tester and slider #55.


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