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Smart Household Solutions Limited

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Tamar Koniashvili
67A Beaumont Crescent

About Smart Household Solutions Limited

Smart Household Solutions Limited will provide you the peace of mind that you deserve, increase the quality time and productivity while maintaining a top-notch cleanliness at your place.

A multi-talented team equipped with technical expertise and positive attitude, aiming at creating a ‘learn & develop’ environment for our employees as they carry out value added services by providing the most reliable cleaning solution for domestic and commercial clients in the Dublin Region. Dedicated to exceed customer expectations, we guarantee a quality driven approach across all our solutions thus making us distinctly a top-grade cleaning service provider in the region.

Our Services

Commercial Cleaning
In our business operations, we employ the best cleaning equipment, latest cleaning chemicals available to market and most of all the best people to service all your cleaning requirements. We strive to be more than just cleaning. We’re about developing relationships and partnerships with our clients to work towards to finding the most suitable solutions to your cleaning needs. Core features of contract cleaning solution, as standard services offered to our elite corporate clients.
  • Contract Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Performance Specification & General Cleaning Service Standards
  • Periodical services
  • Quality Assurance
Household Cleaning
Our house cleaning service offers our clients a flexible and affordable best solution for their residential house cleaning needs. You could choose your own convenient time and the sections of the house that need to be cleaned either on a regular basis or whenever you need to get your house cleaning done. This is an ideal solution to save time either to get your own things done or spend more time with your loved ones, etc. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you to save time, money and worry by being at your side every time you need our cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning
Smart Household Solutions Limited offers an expert service to help look after your precious floor coverings and more. We specialise in cleaning commercial and domestic carpets as well as upholstery. Our carpet cleaning services are carried out by professionals who are fully trained and very reliable. As professional Carpet Cleaners, we understand the value of your carpet to your home or business. We therefore believe in providing a thorough clean which also helps to protect your investment and ensure it looks and feels great!

Painting & Decorating
Achieving a fine finish – one that beautifully compliments the architecture of a historic or contemporary home. We are committed to quality workmanship, courteous customer service and beautiful & lasting results.
  • We aim for superior results and pristine customer service on every project.
  • We are able to address all of your painting needs – Interior, Exterior, Residential, Commercial or Industrial.
  • The professionals at Smart Household Solutions Limited are skilled craftsmen. You can trust our expertise to resolve your most challenging painting projects.
  • We are committed to environmentally responsible products and practices.
  • We promise our customers a Great Experience.
End of Lease Cleaning
Our End Of Tenancy Cleaning List:
  • Kitchen – Vacuum and mop the floor; clean inside/outside all kitchen Presses; Clean inside/outside of oven; Clean inside/outside microwave; Wash inside/outside of dishwasher; clean inside/outside fridge; Damp wipe all kitchen countertops; defrost the freezer; Clean hob/ grill; Sweep and wash hard surface floors; discale and clean sink, clean and wipe down the window ledges, skirting boards, door frame and radiator.

  • Bathrooms – Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors; Scrub and disinfect toilet, Clean and discale bath & showers, shower doors and tiles; Scrub and discale bathroom sinks; wipe all counters; Clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame.

  • Bedrooms – Vacuum and mop the floor , Clean mirrors; Remove litter; Remove cobwebs; Clean windows inside; Dust and wash window sills and ledges; Vacuum carpet edges; Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes.

  • Living room – Vacuum and mop the floor, Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, Polish table, Polish all surfaces, Clean pictures, wipe skirting boards and door frame, Remove cobwebs; Clean windows inside; Dust and wash window sills and window frames.

  • Hallway – Vacuum and mop the floor , Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame, Remove cobwebs.
Please note, we offer Carpet and Upholstery cleaning with additional cost.


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