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01 823 6246
Tarlach FitzGerald
Unit 5, Willsborough Industrial Estate
Clonshaugh Business and Technology Park
County Dublin

About ECT Adhesive Solutions

Founded in 2000, ECT supplies the Irish High Technology Assembly Industries, providing key adhesive products and solutions. We also supply various other industries including the packaging, woodworking, glass and many other market segments. For more on this, please see Industry and Markets served tab.

ECT does not just sell a product, we take an application from the beginning to the end providing expert advise and support throughout. Our experienced and knowledge based technical sales staff have years of adhesive experience and we have a specialist adhesive chemist who works closely with all applications.

  • Auto Convertors - We supply the full range of adhesives to the Auto Convertor Industry and are known for our expertise in this field.

  • Cabin & Caravan - Full range of adhesives to the Cabin and Caravan Industry. We understand the requirements in this field.

  • Electrical and General Electronics - Full range of adhesives to the Electrical and General Electronics Industry, from speaker manufacture through to led assembly.

  • Electronic Assembly - Full range of products to the Electronic Assembly Industry, and our staff chemists understand the assembly techniques, including hand soldering and reflow.

  • Engineering and Metal Processing - Full range of adhesives to the Engineering industry, and understand the complexity involved.

  • Furniture and General Foam Bonding - Full range of adhesives to the Furniture and Foam bonding Industry in Ireland.

  • General Construction and Cladding - Full range of adhesives to the General Construction Industry. We are well known for our range or construction materials and expertise in using them.

  • Glass and Glazing - Full range of adhesives to the Glass and Glazing Industry throughout the country and our well known in this area.

  • Joinery and Shopfitters - Full range of adhesives to the Joinery Industry and understand the various aspects, including mitre bonding and wood bonding.

  • Kitchen and Marble -Full range of products to the Kitchen and Marble Industry here in Ireland and can provide technical assistance on the correct product to use.

  • Marine and Renewable Energy - Full range of adhesives to the Marine and Renewable Energy here in Ireland. This is a very select Industry where we are well known.

  • Medical Device - Full range of adhesives to the Medical Device Industry in Ireland. There are many global multi-nationals here and also a growing number of indigenous manufactures in this field here. We are the leading supplier within this industry and are very well known for our strong expertise and support from our staff based chemists.

  • Packaging - Full range of adhesives to the Packaging Industry in Ireland. We understand how competitive this area can be and our known for our expertise and competitiveness in this field.

  • Plastics, Display Cabinet Bonding - Full range of adhesives to the Plastic and Display Cabinet Industry and understand the requirements in this area.

  • Sign, Toy and Jewellery - Full range of adhesives to these Industries and are known for our expertise in this field.

  • Stencil and Filter - Full range of adhesives to the Stencil and Filter Industry. We know this market well and understand the chemistry off the materials required.

  • ECT Own Brand Products
  • Siroflex
  • J & S Adhesives
  • Apollo
  • Sanglier
  • Fisnar
  • Araldite
  • Robnor
  • Resinlab
  • ACC
  • Bostik
  • AIM
  • Pafra
  • Panacol
  • Honle
  • Ellsworth Adhesives

Services and Technical Solutions
ECT Adhesives provide a wide range of services to the various Irish manufacturing, construction and assembly industries. We are highly regarded for our support, both from a technical and logistical point of view. Some of the services that we provide are as follows:
  • Full Local stocking at our warehouse facility in Dublin
  • Next or same day delivery, ensuring full continuity of supply
  • Full Kan Ban stocking service
  • Onsite technical support and product training
  • Technical back up from staff chemists
  • Health and Safety advise and training
  • Full dispense and curing automation advise and implementation
  • Equipment installation and warranty



The ECT Guide To Selecting A Light Guide For UV Curing – From Ellsworth

UV Light Curing is a speed curing process in which high intensity ultraviolet light is used to create a photochemical reaction that instantly cures inks, adhesives, coatings and other materials. There are a wide selection of light curable materials on the market – from adhesives and coatings to maskants and potting compounds. UV curing now has an increasingly greater importance in the modern manufacturing sector and has been deemed as the smart solution for equipment manufacturers.

Light guides are a key component for efficient UV curing as they transmit UV and visible energy from a source mounted inside of a spot-curing unit to the curing area. Several factors should be considered when choosing a light guide for your system which will be outlined in this blog.
Robnor Resinlab Announces Launch Of It’s PX628D

Where can you use it?

This material is perfect for structural bonding in a wide variety of applications including panel bonding in vehicles and the manufacturing of furniture.

PX628D is a two-part toughened epoxy adhesive for structural bonding.

What makes PX628D special?

PX628D offers high strength and adhesion to many substrates including aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and even plastics
As a non-slump epoxy paste adhesive, it is capable of gap filling.
With an MPa of 26 on stainless steel, it is a high performing material.
Key Stats:

PX628D has a handling time of 6-8 hours and reaches full strength within approx 48 hours at room temperature.
Its 1:1 by volume mix ratio allows convenient metering and mixing of the adhesive in bulk.With the black resin component, and the white hardener, it is easy to see that the two
components have mixed properly, since the mixed PX628D is grey in colour.
PX628D is WEEE, RoHS and REACH compliant and

New low-odour high-performance adhesive from Panacol

Panacol has a new two-component high-performance structural adhesive in its product range: Penloc® GTN is an easy

to process methyl acrylate based low-odour adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Penloc® GTN adheres especially well to brass, ceramics, steel, aluminium, PVC and similar materials. The performance adhesive boasts a high power transmission capability and excellent thermal stability. It is both flexible and offers superior adhesion. Compared to other methyl acrylate adhesives, it has the advantages of a low odour formation and a long processing time of ten to 15 minutes.

To allow effective monitoring of blending quality, the two components of Penloc® GTN have different colours that, applied thinly, change to a grey, almost colourless surface as the blend cures. Penloc® GTN can be conveniently dispensed from a handy 50 ml double cartridge or from drums connected to dispensing apparatus.

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Name Role Email Telephone
Tarlach FitzGerald CEO + 353 1 885 0000
Pat O'Callaghan Sales Manager + 353 1 885 0000
Eugene Lynch Sales Manager + 353 1 885 0000

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