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Solartek Films Ltd

Solartek Films Ltd Contact Details

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David Purves
M25 Business Centre
121 Brooker Road
Waltham Abbey

About Solartek Films Ltd

Solartek Films Ltd were established in 2001, and our directors have over 35 years experience within the window film industry. We have worked with many prestigious companies throughout the UK and Europe, and currently have nationwide contracts servicing some of the UK's largest glazing firms’ window film, manifestation graphics and digital printed film requirements.

Regulation 14
Ensure your glazing meets current Health & Safety law requirements. We undertake risk-assessments and surveys, and take care of all of the work for you. Sleep easy in the knowledge that your company is fully-compliant with Regulation 14.

Solar Control window film
A range of heat and glare reduction window films to provide combined comfort and privacy. A practical and cost-efficient way to control temperatures and glare. Prevent fatigue, eye-strain and headaches in the workplace.

Blast Protection window film
A cost-effective solution offering immediate long-term protection for your business. Provides security and impact resistance against terrorist bombings, extreme weather events, crime, earthquakes and industrial explosions.

Energy Saving window film
Cut home and workplace energy bills by installing the latest in energy-saving window films. Reflects up to 80% of external heat and retains up to 35% of internal heat, which would otherwise be lost through your glass.

Safety window film
Prevent accidental injuries and conform to government regulations with our range of safety window films. Our specialist safety film is easily retro-fitted to existing glazing, and provides ultimate peace of mind at home and in the workplace.

Edge Retention window film
A wide range of edge-retention and glass-anchoring systems. In conjunction with our safety and bomb-blast window films, edge-retention systems offer additional protection against flying or falling glass.

Security window film
Protect your glazing from vandalism, accidental and criminal damage with our range of security window films. Our specialist security film is easily retro-fitted to existing glazing, and provides ultimate peace of mind to shop and business owners alike.

Manifestation Graphics
A wide range of frosted and coloured designs to enhance your glass and meet legal visibility requirements. Professionally installed with minimal disruption in shops, workplaces or at home. Great for branding or as a design statement, while providing extra safety by improving visibility.

Privacy window film
Keep prying eyes at bay with our range of privacy window films, suitable for a variety of situations. Black-out, frosted, coloured or digitally printed, we have the ideal solution for maintaining privacy and preventing opportunistic crime.

Glare Reduction window film
Improve working conditions with our range of glare reduction window films. Effective all year round, take steps to increase productivity and reduce your heating costs with our popular anti-glare solutions.

Insulation window film
Ideal for both commercial and residential buildings, particularly conservatories and atriums. A unique, patented construction which retains up to 93% of the heat that would normally be lost through your glass.

Our Commitment To You
  • Service - To provide customers with products and services to standards commensurate with value for money.

  • Quality - An excellent record of compliance with published standards, delivered through clearly defined business processes.

  • Environmental Leadership - A commitment to provide services which safeguard public health and prevent pollution, by purchasing only environmental friendly products and disposing safely of any residue. We are committed to sustainable development and minimising waste.



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Solartek Films Ltd
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