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Gary Plahe
Unit C, Longmead Business Centre
Blenheim Road
County Surrey
KT19 9QQ
England UK

About addex-group

Established in 1998 the Addex Group is a specialist supplier of products and machinery to the construction, refurbishment, facilities and service industries. We have specialised in innovative solutions and serve the hire trade, large corporates, independents and local councils.

Products sold range from diamond tooling to large industrial H-Class vacuums. Whatever the need our aim is to search, develop and supply a solution that improves a client’s productivity, compliance and profitability.

For more information on our product range please browse our website, alternatively we look forward to hearing from you by phone or email.

This is truly a unique piece of equipment and is designed for a contractor or experienced DIY’er wanting to accurately cut brickwork. The Allsaw cuts deep, clean and square, it can cut doorways, window openings and meter boxes with great ease and minimal dust. Bricks can be cut so cleanly they can be re-used. The AllSaw speeds up repointing and chasing and is officially approved by English Heritage for restoration work. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Addex is the sole UK distributor of the Arbortech Brick & Mortar Saw.

Maxvac Street Cleaning
The Maxvac range also encompasses street Cleaning equipment. Our technical experts can help you select the right equipment for your specific need either from our standard high performance range or a bespoke solution.

MaxVac is a range of high performance vacuum systems that clients can rely on for the safe collection and management of fine and hazardous dust such as Silica on site.

The most powerful 110v, 240v or 415v 3 phase motors, advanced technology M & H class filtration and highly effective self-cleaning systems, means you can be confident you are achieving the best results in dust collection every time.

The MaxVac range also encompasses street Cleaning equipment. The Glutton is an electric powered, self-propelled vacuum unit, that is green, silent, easy to use and has revolutionised street cleaning. The Glutton is complimented by the MV700 the only gum removal machine that actually works.

TecSwiss products have been developed as a solution to multiple engineering and practical building conundrums. Consequently the range of products cover a diverse range of applications from diamond drive heads to portable screed mixers. We have only put a few examples of TecSwiss products on our website however if you are currently facing a technical issue and need a solution it is likely we will be able to develop a TecSwiss product to suit.

Big Ben
Big Ben is a range of high performance safety equipment, developed with input from representatives working within the construction industry. The range includes the innovative, award winning Braked Pulley - designed to offer a safer way to lift and lower goods on site in place of the traditional Gin Wheel.

Lanyards, harnesses, fall arrest blocks, man anchors and the new Ultralite helmets are also stocked to name but a few.

A revolutionary mixer distributed in the UK by the Addex Group. Once upon a time… it was acceptable to be using hand held mixers on site for levelling large concrete floor areas. But times have moved on and technology has changed.

You may not have ever given it a second though, but a contractor is rarely paid for the time it takes them to level a floor – only the finished result. That’s why the Portamix Hippo is the answer for production, cost effectiveness and flexibility on site.


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