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Kevin Bondjanga
64a Station Road
E4 7BA
England UK

About Change Exchange

We started Change Exchange to make recruiting easier, faster, and better value, and to dramatically improve the customer experience. Our mission is to make people feel good about recruitment save money and recruit better talent faster.

We put trust at the heart of our recruitment marketplace.
  • 1. We work with you to make sure you recruit the best candidates on the market, we believe a successful business is build on trust and results and this is what we aim to do.

  • 2. We love small, independent recruitment agencies because we think they care more than the larger recruitment brands. We support them, so they can use their advantages over those bigger firms.

  • 3. We believe that relationships are more productive when we’re clear and honest about what we want upfront, and what we can do. Starting a relationship with clarity leads to a better outcome for all.
How It Works

Engage On Roles
Search the Marketplace for roles that you’re keen to work on. We’re adding new roles across all sectors and levels everyday so there’s plenty to choose from.

Submit Candidates
Once you’re engaged on a role, you’ll get the full details of the client and their requirements. Start your search and get some suitable candidates across as soon as possible.

Get Paid!
The client will move your candidates through their hiring process as normal, setting up interviews via the platform. If your candidate gets hired, you get paid the fee the role was posted at. Simple.

A Smarter Way To Recruit
Change Exchange is a neutral vendor for 200+ recruitment agencies across the UK. We are, in short, the ultimate PSL. For recruitment agencies, we’re a priceless business development tool. Everyday, we add new live jobs to the marketplace for our recruiters to work on.

For companies that are hiring, we’re the most efficient outsourced recruitment tool. With 200+ specialist recruiters in our network, our talent reach is unparalleled. Change Exchange is fully account managed (free) our service, improves speed of hire whilst also reducing costs and hassle!

Change Exchange are changing the future of recruitment.

How it works
You the Employer will set the fee your willing to pay to fill the role on offer. Companies that are hiring post their vacancies to the marketplace. Along with the job details, the company sets the maximum fee that they will pay a recruiter on successful placement.

Recruiter will send candidates that fit your requirements for the role advertised. Specialist recruiters interested in the role (and the fee!) can apply to work it. Once you allow engagement, the agency can start submitting suitable candidates.

On Hire, Employer Pays the Successful Recruiter
The hiring company can move candidates through their interview process as normal. Should they go on to hire a candidate, they simply pay the recruitment fee (that was fixed at the start) to the successful recruitment agency.

Hire staff faster and cut your recruitment costs by up to 25%.
  • Tell Us About Your Vacancy
  • We'll Engage With Our Recruiters
  • We'll Send You A Shortlist of Candidates
  • Hire Your New Candidate
If you don’t hire anyone, you pay nothing at all.

Change Exchange is Changing how employers work with recruitment agencies. Acting as a neutral vendor for over 400 UK recruitment agencies our talent reach is huge.- efficiency means our clients hire faster, with less hassle, and at an average 20% saving to the rate the 'recruiter they've always used' charges. Change Exchange is a completely free service for employers and requires very little extra work – our dedicated staff and market-leading platform handles everything.

New live roles delivered straight to your inbox. Everyday. We do the business development so you can focus on what’s important – sourcing great candidates! Change Exchange is the ultimate business development tool for Recruitment Agency’s. All roles on the Marketplace are posted by real employers, eager to hire. Simply submit suitable candidates for the roles that you think you can fill, and get paid when your candidate gets the job!


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