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4 Shamel Business Centre
Commissioners Road
Medway City Estate, Rochester

About Welltherm (UK) Ltd

Welltherm GmbH is a European leader in the field of infrared heating and produces infrared heating systems of the highest quality at its development and production facilities in Lüdenscheid. Carefully selected components, meticulous workmanship and bespoke designs ensure our products provide optimal and sustainable heating. Welltherm infrared heaters are ‘Made in Germany’. Our VDE and EMC certifications guarantee that our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.

Cosy and pleasant heat by Welltherm – carefully planned – professionally installed
From the beginning we accompany you on the way to a needs-based heating design. Whether it is for one room or a whole house – our full service package encompasses all necessary steps. Thanks to numerous sales points throughout the federal territory, with Welltherm, you will get everything from one provider.


The flat, high-quality and permanently heat-resistant toughened safety glass is, just like the frame, available in all RAL colours or can be used as a mirrored surface. All heater variants are available with and without frames.
  • 5 mm ESG Glass, with Heat-Soak-Test
  • Connection voltage: 230 V
  • Surface temperature: 110- 120 °C
Welltherm powder-coated metal heating systems have a very high utilization value due to their specially coated surface. They are lightly structured, white stove-enamelled and therefore very scratch-proof and colourfast. The heating system has a particularly robust and long-lasting heating element, which heats uniformly throughout.

Special thermal insulation makes the Welltherm metal heating system a highly efficient and sustainable heating system, while keeping rear heat losses to a minimum.

Bathroom Heaters
Welltherm bathroom and designer heaters represent innovative and high-quality room heating technology. They provide comfort and warmth in the bathroom and offer individual solutions for a pleasant and healthy environment.

The “dual heating system” of the Welltherm infrared bathroom heating systems stands out for its innovative concept which has been optimally adapted to the different requirements of room temperature control and towel drying. Two separately controlled heating zones enable the bathroom to heat up rapidly whilst simultaneously providing a reduced level of heat for drying towels hung over it. Thanks to this intelligent solution, towels are effectively dried whilst the room is heated to a pleasant and comfortable temperature with optimized energy use.

High Temperature
High temperature heating systems give you the possibility of levelling out high temperature differences in the shortest possible time to achieve the desired temperature. This makes it possible to efficiently heat rooms with high ceilings.

Welltherm high-temperature heaters provide an optimal heating solution for car dealerships, industrial warehouses and fitness studios offering energy sports such as hot yoga.

Patio heaters
As a technological leader in the fi eld of infrared heating, Welltherm has developed DAZEX® technology. DAZEX® stands for “DAZZLE EX” and is the name for a new generation of radiant heaters which give off almost no visible light. Thanks to these special tubes, Welltherm radiant heaters are some of the best performing and most energy-efficient devices in their class across the world.

Welltherm control system – flexible, simple, reliable
The modern Welltherm control system impresses users with its simple installation, easy to learn operation and, above all, reliable operation in everyday life. The individual components are connected to each other via bidirectional radio. This means that even complex control tasks can be implemented without having to lay any cables.


The future - Infra red heating panels

At Welltherm we believe that homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills will increasingly adopt the use of solar panels either in addition to the use of gas or as a replacement for it. This will pave the way for domestic heating based on ecological principles. The introduction of new technology to the market is a slow process but we believe that this will quickly gather momentum at that Welltherm is well placed to capitalise on this .

In our opinion, infrared heat generation is the future of the heating industry. In many cases it may be the only solution. Already many residential towers are seeking to remove gas supply from their premises. Other buildings are being constructed with an all electric infrastructure. Private landlords are also removing gas appliances and switching to lower maintenance and lower risk alternatives. Home owners are beginning to explore the benefits of solar energy with mass market providers such as IKEA now selling a 6 panel solar solution for as little as £3800. Gradually the price differential between gas and electricity will be eroded and with a government which is likely to fail to meet its C02 targets we foresee renewed emphasis on efficient electric heating solutions for homes.
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